How to Stop Eating Your Emotions

by Christianne
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Do you go through phases of having eating urges when you are stressed, upset, angry and highly emotional?

Do you recognise you are doing it but have no idea how to stop?

Are you punishing yourself, do you need that pain?

I have dealt with 1000’s of people over the last 21 years who have literally eaten their emotions and I know just how you feel, as I have been there too!

Our ability to deal with pain is short lived. In fact, we will pretty much do anything in life to pacify ourselves, sometimes without even realising it. We often are in emotional pain but we don’t even recognise the signals and just go on autopilot when we reach for food or drink, or drugs, or cigarettes. We can even create stress in our lives to get a ‘high’ to get away from the real pain inside. And often that pain inside isn’t such a big deal anyway, we just aren’t dealing with it.

This particularly happens when we pacify ourselves whilst distracted. So, if we are driving, watching TV, on the computer etc.. just stuffing ourselves relentlessly and after 2 hours looking down at all the empty packets wondering where they came from.

Often the pain we are softening is just boredom, but we are living in a world where we don’t boredom let exist anymore! We are a mass of constant dopamine hitters- in fact, it’s not just what we ingest it’s being addicted to a dopamine hit- screen time is a big culprit.

So what does that mean and how can we help ourselves or even reverse it?How to stop eating your emotions![642]

There are four main areas I work on with clients to help with their emotional eating.

Their brain
Their gut
Their stress levels
And their sense of self, their spiritual side.

If you are interested in hearing more, why not jump onto my free webinar on Wednesday 12th July at 8 pm, the link is here. And I will help you in all of these areas, so that you as a whole will not rely on food helping you emotionally, and you will learn to stop eating your emotions.

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