• brownie

    26th November 2014 in Recipes

    Sweet Potato Brownies

    Recipes Sweet Potato Brownies These are amazingly delicious! Ingredients 1 sweet potato 1 handful of sesame seeds 120g of ground…

  • tuna frittata

    25th November 2014 in Recipes

    Tuna Frittata

    Recipes Tuna Frittata This is one of my favourite very quick, low carb recipes. Ingredients 2 cans tuna in vegetable oil. 400g cannellini…

  • vegetable dahl

    25th November 2014 in Recipes

    Creamy Vegetable Dahl

    Recipes Creamy Vegetable Dahl I absolutely love lentils, they taste so good, are very filling and are full of nutrients. Ingredients…

  • immune booster

    27th October 2014 in Recipes

    Immune booster

    Recipes Immune booster Add this juice to your morning routine to boost your immune system! Serves 1 1 beetroot 3 large carrots 4…

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