How to have your cake and eat it !

by Christianne
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How to have your cake and eat it!

The Easiest part of losing weight is losing it.

The Hardest part to losing weight is keeping it off.

Over the last 21 years I have come up with a method of helping people lose their addictions to foods and then allowing them a path of maintenance for the rest of their life.

The Body Rescue Plan is in 3 phases..

1) The detox phase where you rid the initial physical addictions to sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

2) Then the rest of the 12 week plan where you rid the emotional addictions to these foods through my mindset work, the introduction of new foods each week and the yoga and exercises.

3) The third phase is the maintenance plan- and this my friends is the re-introduction of sugar, caffeine and all the other crazy foods we become so dependant on. Only this time you are having it just for pure pleasure and not out of an emotional or physical addiction.

And I know this phase can be tricky, we can go back to our old limiting beliefs and trigger points- so that’s why I developed The Body Rescue Maintenance Plan. And I’m so excited to be starting my brand new online Maintenance VIP club, for those who want to feel amazing, looking amazing, for life, not just a few weeks!

No more being afraid of foods, no more feeling out of control the moment some foods touch your lips. This club is about the continuation and evolution of you and how great you can be.

And to make it as easy as possible for you I am offering a mega cheap deal of just over £1 a day! To feel fully supported by me in our private club.

If you want to know more click here

I so hope you can join us, the offer expires 29th July and we start 31st July. Yes thats right all through the summer! How great would it be to have your cocktails, beer, ice-creams etc.. on this plan and not feel out of control and by September have your first year where you actually haven’t put on weight over the summer hols, but you have not deprived yourself either!

See you soon

Christianne xxx

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