How to re wire the sugar addict brain!

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How to re-wire the sugar addict brain !

We are creatures of habits. And those habits are often stemmed to feed our happy hormones.
Happy hormones are known as Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, Adrenalin and Oxcytocin.
Cortisol is the unhappy hormone and kicks in when we are stressed.
You get a rush of happy hormones with different physical or mental applications.

Endorphins when you exercise

Adrenalin to mask pain
Serotonin when you remember good times and get sunlight- this blocks depression.
Dopamine when we are goal oriented
Oxcytocin when we feel the love and connection
You get a rush of cortisol when you are stressed.
One of the reasons we can be in an addictive cycle with foods such as sugar is because they can fire up all the happy hormones- it gives us a happy vibe and a rush of feel good hormones, which we then subconsciously remember- and so every time we feel fear, sadness, pain, anxiety- we are then programmed  to use the drug ‘sugar’ to release the happy hormones once again.

How do you combat this?

You just have to do a little re-wiring. And its not as hard as you think.
With sugar you have both a physical and mental addiction. Your body physically depends on the energy and the high, and you mentally depend on the feel good hormones to subdue your stress.
In order to create a new pathway, you have to be very, very conscious first of all of what you want and why and then keep repeating the pattern towards it, until the new pathway has been created in your brain. And you can once again turn on the happy hormones, but in a healthier way.
For instance if every time you felt stressed you had a green smoothie, or you got up and danced or you meditated- your happy hormones would be released. And eventually you have re-wired your brain to say ok cortisol is flooding through the system we need that green smoothie for the happy release. Its a win win- you feel happy but also you don’ t have any negative side effects of sugar.
If you want help with this process ​​​My next sugar free challenge starts on 7th September.
I am sooooo excited to share all my latest knowledge and take you through the 5 days of re-wiring your brain so by day 5 you no longer crave sugar, you lose up to 7 pounds, you sleep better, you have better skin, you look younger, you have a flatter belly and you have bags more energy.
Christianne xxx

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