Sugar Free Ketchup Recipe

by Christianne
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During the last lock down I decided to be as productive as possible, and wrote a book!
It didn’t start out as a book though, in fact it was just meant to be a handful of sugar free Sauce and Dressing recipes to gather together for my blog, but I got so into writing the blog that 92 recipes later I had a book!
Every time I teach my courses I always get a plethora of people asking for sauces and dressings so it was a long time coming.
Every recipe I created I thought of another and another, cold and hot sauces, spreads and dips, dressing, plant milk recipes, and then there were the recipes to go with the sauces and dips ?
So I am super excited to share some of the recipes with you over the next few weeks.
Todays is how to make your own ketchup!
The shop bought alternatives to these recipes are typically ladened with sugar but also these recipes taste amazing, are all sugar free and very easy to make.
The one below takes 12 minutes!
Christianne xx
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