Do you need will power to quit sugar?

by Christianne
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I wanted to have a quick chat with you about WILLPOWER.
I´ve had so many messages this week from people who want to do my April sugar free challenge, but fear they
´don´t have the will power to see it through. So let’s discuss this, I´d love to know your point of you.
I always read your email and will respond to you 🙂
When you look the phrase ´Will Power´up in the dictionary it says
control exerted to do something or restrain impulses
“most of our bad habits are due to laziness or lack of willpower”
Sorry dictionary, I really do not agree with that at all.
Do you?
Bad habits, especially when it comes to sugar, are not to do with laziness or a lack of will.
They are a myriad of complex impulses that are both physical, mental and emotional.
These are not born from glutony, greed and laziness and it is not a sin cast down on you to eat
sugar or cave into your impulses.
It can be many things…
  • A habit you have formed because it tastes good, which turned into addiction, because sugar is addictive.
  • A coping mechanism because it gives you a high. You now rely on this high to numb your pain.
  • You rely on it for energy, it makes you ultimatly exsausted because you have no nutrients going in, and then its a catch 22.
  • You have a parasite living in you like candida, which lives off sugar, so makes you crave sugar.
  • You have lack of self love and use it as self harm.

There are many many more reasons to this as well, but these are the most common I see.

When we really begin to understand what it is that´s making us crave something again and again, we can
then understand how to resolve the issue and find something else that stops the problem. If craving is a problem.
If I were to say to you you have to find that will power right now- what energy do you feel inside of you?
For me it feels like a power thats external to me, it feels masculine, it feels tense and stressful, it doesn´t feel calm or relaxed.
It feels like I have to be rigid, fearful of failing, tight, overly controlled. In fact just writing this paragraph is making me feel stressed.
Stress will make you crave!
Will power will not will you to stop your cravings, ever.
So what does?
Start with some self love, ease off with the agressive negative self speak. Stop fighting what you are craving and learn to
give your body what it needs for energy, love and peace.
The first thing that will happen when you try to summon will power is you will think of all the things you are missing out
on, so tune into heightening your senses with delicious food and good company.
And if you want my help, I am running my famous sugar free challenge on 24th April, if you haven’t signed up already
click here!   over 500,000 people have successfully gone sugar free through my challenges, and you can too!
Having so much support takes you out of stress and into focussing with ease.
Christianne xx

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