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We had such a wonderful day on Saturday, to celebrate 7 amazing women who have all lost a tonne of weight on The Body Rescue Plan.  We had a photo and video shoot to commemorate their mile stone achievement.  Between the 7 women there was a 15 stone weight loss!

5 members of one family have lost 11.8 stone between them- there was a Grandmother Sue, her two daughters Paula and Hannah, and her granddaughter Saskia and sister in law Hannah. They looked stunning on the shoot, it was so exciting.

And then we had Mimi Harker OBE who has got her waist down to a teeny tiny 25 inches, at the age of 50!
And Cheryl who has lost 3 stone and reversed her diabetes. ( above picture )

So proud of them all and I cannot wait to see the images and footage to inspire other and celebrate their gorgeousness!

Here are some sneaky snaps I took of the view finder on the photographers camera!

Will post the images in 2 weeks

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