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''I lost over 2 stone and have gone from a size 16 to a size 12 in 12 weeks''  The Daily Express

'' The body rescue plans has made me the slimmest I have been since I was 18 ''  Huffington Post 


We also have a 2 Week Detox, The Body Rescue Vegan Plan and a Maintenance Plan for life. 

All you have to look forward to is a fitter, slimmer, happier, more gorgeous version of you!

''The body rescue plan recipes are amazing'' The Daily Mail


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  • Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Do you create good habits only to break them within weeks?
  • Are you tired, bloated and desperate to change ?
  • Do you want your mojo back?

The Body Rescue Plan offers you a way to re-condition your mind so that your old habits stop getting in the way of you enjoying your life. 

The Body Rescue Plan is a 12 week plan to help you lose up to 2.5 stone through detoxing, fitness, mindset and yoga. Through our books and membership plans.

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about the author
Christianne Wolff is a multi award-winning celebrity trainer, yoga and Pilates instructor, writer and healer. She is internationally recognised as one of the leading experts in fitness and weight loss, and is particularly passionate about combining spiritual and relaxation practices with the fitness routine, using mindset to heal old patterns, in her unique Body Rescue Plan.

Christianne writes several columns for the national press and has appeared in over one hundred national magazines and newspapers over the last seventeen years. She has trained many celebrities and hundreds of clients over the last two decades.

Christianne owns The Body Rescue Fitness and Well-being centres with her husband Robbie, and they run Luxury Detox and Fitness holidays around the world.

Christianne has recently started her own TV show The Body Rescue Show- to subscribe please click here.
The Body Rescue Plan has 3 programmes to choose from
The 2 week detox Plan. If you want to have a 2 week Spring clean of your body and mind this is the programme for you.
My famous 12 week plan, endorsed by celebrities, written about in over 100 national media- 12 weeks of detoxing, mindset, fitness and yoga to lose up to 2.5 stone.
Whether you have completed my 12 week weight loss plan or you just want guidance in how to obtain the perfect lifestyle, so you look and feel amazing- this is the plan for you.
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