I would die if I gave up sugar!

by Christianne
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” I would die if I gave up sugar! ”


Someone messaged me this morning, its not the first time I have heard it either.


And I get it, giving up something you are emotionally and physically attached to feels impossible, it feels like your best friend is being ripped away from you, and how would you cope after?


But the thing is, chances are you are more likely to suffer not just ill health with a sugar addiction but also it affects your mood and your mental/emotional health.


So whilst it gives you get that high you are looking for each day, it also gives you a low too.

And the more you have it, the more lows you will get.


On ‘The Body Rescue Sugar Free Challenge’, starting on Monday, I’ll show you how to physically and mentally rid your sugar addiction, so it doesn’t feel ‘hard’, so you don’t feel like you will die without it!


These ladies got these results in 5 days of my challenge and they were sugar addicts…


”This has cured my sugar addiction, its been easier than I expected and great fun too”

Dianne Hawkins


So someone who suffers with chronic candida this been a life saver! My cravings have completely subsided, my stomach is less bloated, I’m sleeping better and have more energy!”

Leslie Diamond-Adams


I can’t believe I’m not missing sugar. My downfall has been biscuits and I used to feel panicky if there were none in the house. I haven’t thought about a biscuit since the challenge!

Jennifer Kelly


This is not impossible, and you will not die if you give up sugar.

In fact you will probably feel the best you have ever felt.


Come and join the challenge and find out what all the fuss is about!


We start next Monday April 24th 



Christianne xx

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