I don’t think I could ever give up coffee or sugar

by Christianne
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“I don’t think I could ever give up coffee, sugar and bread”


This is one I hear all the time, in fact it inspired me to write this article.

I posted some images of Anne’s progress, and how amazing she has done so far on The body rescue plan.

Anne is 55, and at that age now where the last time she was slim was pre menopause.

She thought her weight gain was not reservable.

Obviously she was wrong. It’s flying off, no calorie counting, no starvation, or fasting, no counting points or syns- just a very easy plan and in just 10 weeks she looks 10 years younger!

And I see the post- oh I don’t think I could give up bread, coffee and sugar Like Anne has.

Like Anne is some Saint that has a bigger will power than the rest of us!

First of all it’s just 12 weeks, then you go onto maintenance where you can have what you like 1-2 days a week

For life!

But the funny thing is, a lot of people I know don’t actually care that much by that stage, about the previous foods they were addicted to.

Because you know what, those foods ruin people’s lives.

Having sugar, caffeine, bread, alcohol in abundance, is not freedom, it’s not free will, it’s not being able to enjoy yourself more than others do.

You know why?

Because it’s totally controlling you!

These foods in abundance control your

  • energy,
  • your moods,
  • your digestion or lack of it,
  • your concentration levels,
  • your confidence,
  • your focus,
  • your sex drive,
  • your hormone levels,
  • your skin condition,
  • your bloatedness,
  • your aching joints,
  • your nail condition,
  • your hair condition,
  • your strength,
  • Your addictive behaviour
  • Your health
  • and your happiness.

So the question is really,

Why wouldn’t you want that.

Does 5 minutes of excitement with these foods really make you feel happier than having all of the above improved?

Imagine 12 weeks where you had more energy, happiness and confidence, is that not worth more than 5 minutes of a buzz?

Of course it is,

Unfortunately we are totally seduced by these drugs in sugar and caffeine because we were conditioned from a very early age to think they would improve our lives.

They don’t, and they never will.

But give them up for 12 weeks, and you will see through that seductive temptress!

Have fun, live a little with new foods.

Foods that feed your body.

And nourish your soul.

That give you joy every day.

Still think you could never give them up?…
Christianne xxx

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  • bhavini chauhan
    31st March 2016

    Hi, I would like help and advice on how to lose weight in 12 week period.

    Many thanks

  • Christine Cowen
    31st March 2016

    Hi Christianne
    Thanks for those encouraging words.
    I have started the Body rescue plan and I am at week 5.
    And it is so much easier than I thought! I am loving my energy and general feeling of optimism; I have lost 11lbs already.
    Thank you, thank you!
    I wondered about joining up for 3 months but I am already 1 month in; can I start from 5 weeks with your on line support?
    Kind regards

    • Christianne
      22nd April 2016

      Hi Christine, I am so pleased you are doing so well. How are you getting on?
      Christianne x

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