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Is it possible to lose weight just off your stomach?

  • You cannot spot reduce fat, so when you lose weight your body naturally has fat stores in certain areas and the fat tends to come of the leaner places first. If you are natural apple shape chances are you will lose weight of your stomach the last.
  • But having said that, the hormone cortisol can contribute to you putting on weight around your middle, despite what shape you are- and cortisol is released when you are stressed or tired. So the more you control stress levels and sleep better, the less fat your stomach could potentially hold. Other contributing stresses on your body like eating too much carbs, sugar, alcohol, chemicals, drugs and caffeine can lead to higher cortisol levels, and even doing too much exercise, particularly too much cardio can lead to a paunch!
  • An acidic body can also lead to a fatter middle, so a diet that is more alkaline based can help, more veg and protein less carbs.
  • Many people are actually bloated rather than fat on their middle due to a reaction to foods or not giving themselves enough time to actually calmly eat and digest. Foods to avoid gas are beans, and if you eat fruit and veg try to have them first before you eat a more slower digesting food like red meat. If you eat an apple after a steak, that apple will ferment and sit on the top waiting for the meat to go through causing wind and bloating, where as if you eat the apple first it will be much faster digested and will also help the digestion of the meat. Many people are also dehydrated which can lead to water retention, i.e. bloating and swelling, and a poorer digestion. Have at least 8 glasses of water a day and drink lemon in hot water first thing to alkalise your body.

How can you burn the fat off and then tone the muscle underneath?

Like I said you can’t spot reduce fat, but an exercise regime of 3 cardio, 1 resistance and 1 circuit training and 1-2 yoga/pilates a week would be ideal. Dancing is also amazing for your waist, zumba and salsa force you to work your hips and abs!

What kind of movements do you need to make?

You can look like you have lost 7 pounds of your body just by improving your posture. Standing tall, and pulling the stomach in can take inches off your waist. Also walking less rigidly and just letting yourself go a bit gives you a longer torso.

Can you recommend some specific exercises?

  • Your stomach area is made up of your rectus abdominus ( 6 pack ) and your transverse abdominus ( corset muscle under 6 pack) both need to be worked to have a beautifully flat stomach.
  • Try Pulling your stomach in on the exhale 100 times a day, imagine you are doing up a really tight pair of trousers ! Do this anywhere, even better incorporate your pelvic floor muscle too!
  • The plank exercises are good at working your transverse- try on your knees or if you can lift the knees off the floor- hold for 30 seconds and each day do more till you get to 2 minutes! Always pull your abs in.
  • The side plank is good for the waist! Hold for 30 seconds a side.
  • Reverse curls are good for the lower abs, lie on your back and lift your bum off the floor, aim to do 100 after a month!
  • Sit ups on the swiss ball are great for working the rectus ( 6 pack) sit on the ball, walk your feet forward till your lower back is on the ball and reach forward and back- do 20.

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See you soon,
Christianne x

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