How to curb sugar cravings

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Research has shown that sugar acts on the brain the same way class A drugs do. Sugar raises serotonin levels which makes us feels good, when that starts to wear off we want more.

Why else do we get sugar cravings? We use it as a pick me up. Sugar and caffeine are a dangerous combination as it over stimulates the body. This can be a vicious circle as our body starts to depend on this quick fix for energy. Keeping a food diary helps me to pin point where my nutrition is out of balance which can cause cravings.

Reduce sugar cravings by

  • Reduce or eliminate caffeine
  • Reduce or eliminate diet drinks and processed fruit juices
  • Keep the carbs low and eat plenty of protein and veggies
  • Reduce or eliminate high GL foods
  • Ensure you have enough B vitamins which is for energy production
  • Chromium and magnesium can help reduce sugar cravings
  • Get plenty of sleep which as well as giving your body the rest helps balance hormones
  • Looking after your adrenal glands (sleep, reduce stress, vitamin C, B5, liquorice tea)
  • Take a good quality fish oil – great for elevating mood amongst other things
  • Keep a food diary and note when you are getting the cravings
  • Eat a small amount of dark chocolate (minimum 70%) if cravings are really bad
  • Try drinking raw cacao (mix with hot water and coconut milk) – great for cravings
  • Eat ½ a banana before bed and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air to help raise serotonin levels.

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