How to get more out of life by having less

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We have just come back from our Ibiza Body Rescue Retreat, and it was absolutely wonderful. I wanted to share some of the pictures with you but also what was felt and learnt by the people who went there.

There was one thing that stood out amongst much of the healing and evolution that went on in just those 4 days and that was the raising and awareness of the senses. 

This was in just 4 days. 



It is always fascinating, when teaching a retreat, or training with a client, how quickly the body and mind evolves with the right tools- sometimes we can feel totally lost, and it can feel completely impossible to ever re-gain our youthful energy, or get out of this weird vortex of negative energy we have become. In fact our addictions and conditioned behavour can feel so much part of us, even with the best will, we can feel it will never leave us, so what is the point in trying. 

I have trained so many people over the years with this thought pattern, I have even had it myself at times.  I have seen people who had the belief that their bodies are old, so they should feel discomfort, they should have bad posture, they should have sciatica, they should have high blood pressure, diabetes, high heart rate, bad skin, dry skin, deep wrinkles,  the list goes on.. I have had so many people come to me over the years with so many so called irreversible conditions- and yet with a little self love, faith, and eating of the right foods, with exercise and meditation. Guess what, it can go with in a matter of days. Yes days. 



It is amazing what we can do

By day 2 of the body rescue fitness retreat- I remember we were eating around the table. I had made some delicious sweet potato cakes for breakfast, with the local yogurt from Ibiza. Accompanied with a lemon tea and green smoothie. 

Everyones taste buds started to tingle and all 11 guests said how amazing the yogurt was. Just plain yogurt, with no sugar, fruit, or chemicals for that matter added. Just plain. I started to laugh and one of the guests said ‘Oh my God Christianne what have you done to us’ 

This was less than 24 hrs, and their senses were starting to come alive. 



The next day one of our guests Fiona suddenly noticed my husbands trainers, and said have they always been that illuminous? It sent everyone into a fit of hysterics, because he had always worn them and yet they suddenly seemed so bright she needed sunglasses to look at  them.



And speaking of laughter, we laughed a lot.

I could hear someone laughing from 6.30am till 9pm, it was constant. Because all our senses had come alive. 

No alcohol, no highly stimulating foods, to dull our senses- yes I did say dull. No drugs of any kind. 

No TV- just a strong connection to mother earth, to the wonderful human beings in the group and to their own bodies and the healing foods. 



The first night I suggested we all did the meditation in this beautiful but very small meditation room, I think the guests thought I was mad. My 6 year old daughter, (who came out after the guests had left )  named it the Muslim room, and she loved it- of course it was also used for acrobatics as well as meditation for her. 


​​​​​​​By the end of our retreat everyone was asking to go in the meditation room, the closeness and oneness we felt was tangible, a feeling of wanting to be in a small space together. Even one lady suffered from claustrophobia but enjoyed this room and the meditations that ensued. 



So what is the point of opening up your senses?

Of being more aware?

Of tasting more in foods? of smelling things more richly? Of feeling more with your body? Of seeing a sunsets colours more deeply?  Of hearing something in silence? 

Because if your senses are dulled you always need more out of life. You are never satisfied. You generally search for more and more love, more and more material goods, more and more foods, more highly stimulating foods as well, and the more you desire the less satisfying they become and so you get lost and feel less, even by having more.


And look, this doesn’t have to take forever, it doesn’t have to be hard. Do these people on this retreat look like they are suffering, does it look hard for them?

Below is Lizzie and Gita enjoying THE most delicious alcohol free cocktail. 


Do you think they enjoyed it more than an alcoholic one, after being on the retreat for 4 days? 



​​​​​​​So the next time you feel unsatisfied and think you need more of something. Try having less first and being grateful for that- let that open up your senses to how life should truely be felt..

Lots of love to you!

Christianne xxx 

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