Anne’s progress after 5 weeks

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Anne 5 weeks



I know its always motivational to see someone else progress in health and wellness,
so I thought I would share TV presenter, Anne Dawsons progress on The body rescue Plan, so far.
Anne is 56 years old and has been feeling really tired and unfit as of late.
She felt like she was looking older for her years and really wanted to
focus some attention back on her wellness again, so she decided to start
The body rescue plan 5.5 weeks ago.
Anne also shares a dressing room with Catherine Huntley at QVC,
who lost 3 stone on The body rescue plan a year and a half ago and has
kept it off ever since, so this was also a motivating factor for her, as she
also wanted to lose 2 stone.
Annes biggest worry was that she would be hungry and wouldn’t be
able to stick to the plan. And she also felt so unfit as she hadn’t done
any exercise for years.
Role on 5.5 weeks and this is how Anne is progressing.
She has lost 5.5 inches from her waist and 5 inches from
her hips and her skin looks incredible.
Its funny because I saw 32 messages the other day on a QVC Facebook
page, all asking what Anne’s secret was as she was suddenly
looking much younger, they thought she had bought some miracle
cream. But actually the only thing she has done differently is starting my plan.
Obviously when I told Anne she got 32 appraisals,  she was absolutely delighted!
Anne’s favourite go to recipe is my Broccoli and Asparagus soup,
which she loves so much she has it several times a week.
She can’t believe how undulgent she is allowed to be,
I think this is one of the reasons her skin is suddenly looking so good.
She also loves my fish pie, detox energy bars, chocolate quinoa
cupcakes and scones, I have posted the recipe below for scones.
By week 5 she is doing all of my exercises with ease, and
is starting to look a lot more toned.
I am so excited to see what happens over the next
6 weeks and will keep you posted.
Christianne xx

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