5 Reasons why Greens are good for you

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5 reasons why greens are so good for you!



Remember when you were growing up you were always told to eat your greens?
And maybe you never new why?

Green vegetables are incredibly nutritious, and this month we are
celebration them at Body Rescue with #makemaygreen

If you are on instagram come and follow me on christianne_w and post some
fun green images of your smoothies, soups, salads and sumptious green
dishes, with the hashtag #makemaygreen. We had a lot of fun making this
wonderful love heart image this week 🙂

So just why are green vegetables so blooming good for you..

1) A gene that is essential for producing critical immune cells in your
gut, responds specifically to leafy green vegetables


2) Sprouts can contain up to 100 times more enzymes than raw fruits and
vegetables, which then allows your body to extract more essential fats,
vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the foods you eat.

3) Green Veg are high in calcium, so if you have a green smoothie it will
contain more calcium and be easier to digest than a glass of milk!

4) Green Veg are packed with healthy nutrients including vitamin A,C,E and
K and many of the B complex.

5) Greens are high in phytochemicals and have been shown to effecitively
treat and help fight cancer, they also prevent cell damage and lower

So try this month to have your greens every day, make a smoothie, have a
juice, a lucious salad or a warm brocoli soup and join us in our
#makemaygreen xx

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