The sludge list

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The Sludge List

Are you stuck in sludge?

It might be you just can’t get passed a particular weight?

​​​​​​​It might be that you are trying to get above a certain income?

It might be that you keep getting somewhere physically but then illness or injury takes you back?

It might be at work, you are trying to achieve a project and then everything keeps going against you?

We often feel like we are walking through sludge and every time we are nearly there, we fall back into it again. It can been very trying and then this can lead to fear to move on and try again. So that the next time you try you can wade deeper, with more fear, anger and resentment.

​​​​​​​It can result in you even throwing the towel in and giving up.

So, how can we over come this and what is causing this? 

I feel its often a stale energy that is attached to our beliefs about achieving this goal. And sometimes we have become so fixated on that goal and all the stuck energy around it, we forget to look at the bigger energy around it. We forget to expand and feel we are growing,  but instead we become fixated on the problem rather than the evolution that is our dream. 

Have you been here?

Do you forget to expand your energy, get excited, dream big, feel love, open yourself up.

But instead become obsessed with having to cure the problem, and then fixate on the problem.

One of the ways I try and get through the sludge is to write down areas in my life that are stuck. That have stale energy, that aren’t evolving  at the rate I want them to.

I write a list, my sludge list, and by every thing that is stuck, I write release and receive. And it really works.

I write it on a big flip chart and spend 5 minutes with it every day- feeling that expansion, feeling that rid of negative energy and crossing off the sludge that has now disappeared.

And with each thing that is stuck, trust that by allowing new energy in, you are releasing the stale energy and receiving new energy in. Feel that coming into your life.

So if you have areas that are stuck, try writing them down and releasing the old and bringing in the new.

Let me know how you get on, I love hearing from you

Lots of love

Christianne xx

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