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Hows your week been?

I´ll be honest, my week has not been that easy. My Aunty passed away, the electricity hasnt worked properly in the house for 2 months, this week none of it worked, a few people let me down and I have been fighting off a bug all week.
Hey ho, this is life.
I also have plenty to be grateful for too– just basking in nature always gets me every time and I love taking my little Koshi chimes to help calm my nervous system down. Sitting in the practice of mindfulness when your life is falling apart stops your life falling apart.


  • Studies reveal mindfulness lowers blood pressure, improves your heart, decreases cognitive decline, improves immune response, reduces ageing cells and reduces psychological pain.
  • Several studies show that mindfulness meditations raise T-cell activity in cancer patients and improve various bio markers.
  • Another study showed people who practiced mindfulness had increased levels of interleukin-8 in their nasal passage, which results in an increase in immunity.
  • Mindfulness can also reduce cell ageing.


In fact, there are so many studies into mindfulness and anti-ageing that I could write a whole book on that subject alone.


So, this shows us is that if you want to heal your body and mind, you would be daft not to allow it into your everyday routine.

Not only is it highly beneficial, it’s very simple, does not take up much time and it’s free.

Ways to be mindful

  • A body scan
  • A mind scan
  • Sitting and chanting
  • Sitting and observing one thing, like a flame from a candle or fire, or a ripple on the water.
  • Saying a mantra over and over
  • Doing breath work and observing your breathing
  • Observing nature and being present of how it feels within and around you
  • Hugging a tree and observing it in all your senses
  • Journaling


Another study showed that 70 patients who were engaged in gratitude journalling showed an increase in HRV ( a marker for improved health ) compared to the control group who did not.

Gratitude brings you back from flight or fight.

Our heart beat patterns reflect our emotions, and our emotions reflect our heart beat patterns. Telling the body we are safe will ensure consistency in healing these patterns, thus raising our HRV, thus strengthening our Parasympathetic Nervous System, thus strengthening our vagus nerve, thus making us live a longer, healthier, happier life.

This is taken from my new book
Christianne x
PS: Text taken from my new book ´´The Healed State´´How to rid self sabotage and find inner peace. To get your copy click here.

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