How to get fit with your kids this summer- for FREE

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How to get fit with your kids this summer.

Whether you have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews or sprogletss of friends around you, the summer can feel a daunting time to keep up your fitness regime, as you can feel children are getting in the way of your time.

But actually its an incredible time to spice up your fitness and have some real fun with your body and your kids too!

I spent a few hrs working out what fun we are going to have with my daughter and it dawned on me that the fun should be with all of us, not just for the kids.

So here are my suggestions of getting out there, working your body and having fun with children this summer!

Free stuff



are an awesome place to get fit, if the weather isn’t so great then get out into woodland!

Play football



Volley ball

Dodge ball

Egg and spoon race




Our park actually has a table tennis table and hoop so we can play basketball/netball.

Our park also has an outdoor gym. Check google for your nearest outdoor gym, my daughter is 6 and is quite happy to have a workout with me- she is using it as a climbing frame whilst I have a workout!




also offer circuit training tracks- my nearest     one is Wendover Woods in Bucks, and has a really fun track of about 12 different circuits you can do using tree trunks, monkey bars, and so on. Or why not make your own circuits, get the kids to help you invent some fun exercises, the wackier the better, just make sure they are safe!




is obviously an incredible form of exercise- if your child is on stabilisers then find a good path and jog along next to them. If they can cycle a bit further, power walk, and if they can make a good 30 minute bike ride, then ride along side them.

If they are a little older- We also have fun bike ramps in my local woods, that teenagers would love, see if yours do too!

Mountain biking is also really fun. Or go into London and use the Boris Bikes, a fun day out for all.




If you are near a beach or lake then you can go swimming for free. I love to go to JB waterski near thorpe park, you can swim for free there and they also have a volley ball beach. We also love to rollerskate along the promenade there too! You can even swim in cities- The serpentine in hyde park is fun!

If you are by the sea even just having fun jumping through the waves is a fantastic workout.




Speaking of cities- my daughter is not a keen walker, but if there is stuff to do along the way she loves it. Taking in a big city for the day whilst walking is incredible exercise. Or even just shopping you will probably rack up a few hours. The last time I went to Ikea I took my apple watch and it said I had walked 5 miles around the whole of the shop!!!!

You can also google treasure mapping- where you can find treasure around the countryside by hidden clues- you then also leave more treasure for the next person, its really fun.

And then of course there is the new pokemon app where you have to go around finding pokemons! People are walking for miles doing this.
If you have very little ones, take them out on a teddy bears picnic and let them have fun in nature whilst you do a few press ups on the logs!



I love to do yoga with my daughter in the morning- whether you are watching a video or can remember a few postures, get your kids involved, they may only want to do it for 10 minutes but its a great way to start the day.



we all love dancing, well most of us do anyway. All kids love to dance, so get those tunes on and have some fun dancing around the house, before you know it you have burnt 200 calories, having fun!


Circuit training

 you can circuit train anywhere. If its in your house use the stairs, run on the spot, Lunge, squat, press up, jacks, burpees, tricep dips. Have fun with about 8 exercises and repeat them 2-4 times round.

Most importably have fun!

I will post another one this week non free stuff of how to get fit with your kids!


Christianne x


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