How batch cooking can help you lose weight

by Christianne
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Well I been in a batch cooking frenzy this week and loving it.
Like you I don’t always feel like cooking, I might get ill, I might be knackered and I might just not be in the mood or too busy. So batch cooking is amazing in those instances, as they come into our lives almost every day!
Every few weeks I like to spend a maximum of 2 hours batch cooking. This week I made 8 soups and prepped 8 smoothies and juices for the family. Half the soups I froze and half I refrigerated so we can have fresh ones for now and frozen for those off days.
What this means is you always have something healthy and delicious to hand, and you don’t then end up ordering a take away, or you are less likely to in any case.
If you are doing a detox or focussing on your health it is also an awesome idea to batch cook, as when you get overwhelmed, there it is all ready for you, just to heat up.
The smoothies, juices and soups I prepped this week are from my book ‘Smoothie, Soups and Juices’ recipe book which you get free if you sign up to The Body Rescue Maintenance Plan.
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