Healthy Hangover remedies

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Happy New Year !
Happy new year to you for tomorrow.
What ever you are doing tonight I hope you have a wonderful one!

Most of us will make that last indulgence before a clean January, so

I thought it apt to send you happy heathy vibes and a way to help

heal your hangover.

I also have many classes, courses, open evenings and events going

on in January, please check them out below, perhaps they will make

you feel better knowing you are going to give you body some love in January.

If you would like to book any please email me.

I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for

all your support this year. Its been a crazy year for me, many

amazing opportunities and wonderfulness flourishing by, so

thank you for helping me along my way.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, and heres to the healthiest, happiest year yet!

Healthy Hangover help

Ok so you want to start the new year in a fresh light and not feel rubbish

for its first day, so here are some tips to prepare your body before,

during and after new years eve! Even if you are staying in and having

a few my tips will help you feel fresher tomorrow.
Stay Hydrated!
1) The main reason you feel so rubbish after drinking too much is

because you are very dehydrated so drink a lot of water before you go out.
Pace yourself!

2) Whilst you are out pace yourself, have a glass of alcohol and then a glass of water, or mix the two to dilute your drink.
Make a healthy Moctail


Nikki Sheffield Photography-4

3 ) Why not make a delicious healthy Moctail in between your drinks. Still glamorous and delicious but without such a headache!
Here is the link to my recipe


Drink coconut water

4) Alcohol strips you of many nutrients and an imbalance in electrolytes. So replace those with a lovely glass of coconut water! And electrolytes help re-hydrate you.
Sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium are vital for a happy-feeling brain.
Avoid coffee and tea

5) Having caffeine may give you a boost of energy first thing, but it will also de-hydrate you even more, which will exasperate the heavy head. Stick to herbal teas, water, coconut water and juices.
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