Healthy Alternatives to Crisps

by Christianne
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If you love a crunch and a crisp and a lovely savoury snack I would really recommend some yummy alternatives.
Most shop bought crisps have little to no nutrients and are made with high amounts of saturated fats. 

To create their crispy-ness they are blanched and deep-fat fried, which means they contain little nutrients.

There is also a neurotoxin in crisps called acrylamide, that can cause cancer. Acrylamide is caused typically from over heating starchy carbs.

And remember when we eat foods that have low nutrients we crave, crave crave more junk!


We like crisps for their crunchy-ness and their savouriness, so we can create that in other high nutrient snacks.

1) I love Nori strips- you can buy these from the asian section from the supermarket. ( they are what surrounds sushi ) Nori is very high in nutrients too. It offers vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, and niacin, folic acid and taurine. Its also high in calcium and iron, so a great energy booster. I love dipping nori strips in hummus too.

2) Its easy to make your own crisps from thinly sliced root vegetables like swede, sweet potato, beetroot and parsnips. Just coat with a little olive oil and place in the oven for 15 mins or so.

3) Kale crisps are also a gorgeous alternative to your walkers! If you get a bunch of kale in a bowl and mix with different vinegars like apple cider and balsamic, sprinkle on a little salt and olive oil and then place in the oven for 10 mins on 180, you have the best snack ever. To retain more nutrients cook on a low temp around 150 for 1 hr, but keep a good eye on it.

4) Nuts and seeds are also a great alternative and contain the good fats we need.

5) And creating dips like guacamole or bean dips with celery or carrots gives you the good crunch factor.

I have three of my favourite dips below all taken from The Body Rescue Sauce Book, which you can buy here 🙂 



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