Gut Health Boost: Polyphenols and Deliciousness! ???

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If you need a little help with bloating, digestion, improving your mood, skin, energy and sleep- then improving your gut microbiome is the key- and you can do that with the help of pomegranates!
?Pomegranate trees are bountiful in the Algarve, and are blooming this time of year. This one is ripe and ready freshly picked- but did you know that pomegranates are incredibly healthy for you, and taste delicious too.
?One of the reasons is because they are very high in Polyphenols.
?Polyphenols and fibre are food for your good bacteria. These are known as prebiotic foods. The more varied your diet is in these foods, the more varied the good bacteria, because different good bacteria like different polyphenols foods. The more varied your good bacteria, the healthier your gut.
?The good news is that chocolate, or rather the cacao found within it, is high in polyphenols. However, you would want to find a sugar free ver- sion because processed sugar is not good for your good bacteria. In fact, it can make other parasites like candida thrive in your colon and vagina which lower your good microbiome.
?Coffee and red wine are also high in polyphenols, but because of their other toxic ingredients, it is better to have berries and home-made chocolate instead.
?A very simple way of ensuring you feed your good bacteria daily, is by having plants (vegetables, fruit, herbs, beans, nuts) and one food high in polyphenols at each sitting.
The best foods for polyphenols are:
• Raw cacao powder ?
• Pomegranate ?
• Berries?
• Flaxseed ?
• Almonds ?
• Olives ?
• Beans ?
• Spinach ?
• Red onion ?
• Herbs ?
( I will share one of my favourite recipes using pomegranate tomorrow)
Christianne x
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