Do you use anger as an excuse ?

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Do you use anger as an excuse?

Do you use anger as an excuse for over eating or eating foods that don’t agree with you?

Do you use anger as excuse for binging on indulgences only to feel empty and low inside after?

Do you use anger as an excuse for avoiding sex with your partner?

Do you feel well within your rights to be disloyal, unfaithful, aggressive, when you are angry- it some how gives you the right to misbehave?

Do you use anger to give you energy to get things done, only to feel exhausted in the after math?

Or may be you do this in a subconscious trance, with no awareness of the destruction going on around you- but you know you are not happy and are confused why things are not in flow for you right now?

We are brought up in the West to fire ourselves up, to create a boost of adrenalin to propel us, and we can fuel this through anger.

Or we can not want to face our demons but then get into a cycle of believing we are justified by our actions because someone hurt us… once. When actually what we are doing is hurting ourselves more than any thing, which then leads to a path of self sabotage.

Yes, using anger in exercise can help dis-pell it. Boxing can help us release it, going for a run and singing or screaming at the top of your voice can help you let it all go, and its important to let it all go and also to recognise it in the first place.

But once we have done that we also need to find that inner peace. That inner peace that gives us divine energy, that makes us strong from the inside out without having to be angry or feisty or make a display of a vibrational punch up.

You can find that inner peace with your chi energy, and you can find that chi energy through Meditation, Yoga, Thai chi and some martial arts.

Chi energy helps you gain strength without anger, without adrenalin, without fear, but a divine connectedness to your ancestral energies that go deep within you.

Yoga and meditation can feel slow and perhaps even frustrating at first, but in fact they are incredibly powerful, because they give you this long lasting energy that comes from peace not anger. Anger burns out very quickly, inner chi energy keeps flowing if you allow it to.

If you want to start your day with finding your inner peace why not follow my free yoga sun salutation video in the link below.

Just click and get started, its filmed in beautiful Portugal, and will help you design your day to be powerful and strong and fluid, every evolving.

So much magic happens when you breathe, let go, release and absorb.

If you think about the state your body is in when you are angry and trying to get things done manically- its tight, defensive, attacking and unable to let the light in.

For today, let the light in- allow …

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Christianne xxx

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