Blocking your heart can lead to binge eating.

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Open your heart to help stay slim and be energised.



When you get angry at someone or something you naturally block your heart off as a protective mechanism – you don’t want to let them in anymore so you block your heart off and feel sad, angry and resentful- you can feel this for hours, days weeks and even months.

As long as they have had a hold on you.

And then when that person suddenly says how amazing you are and opens their heart up to you you can suddenly feel amazing again, in an instant.

How crazy is that that, that a situation can make us feel awful for a long time and then we can suddenly snap out of it by their control.

This is what the book The untethered soul is all about- it’s an amazing read and really got me thinking about people’s relationship not just with people but with food.

Usually when someone embarks on wanting to lose weight- they start a diet and they shut their heart off to food- they block out their emotions to food.

Often people tell me they find it easier to eat nothing and block out the need to eat than to eat small amounts.

But obviously this is not sustainable- and usually when someone tries a diet or healthy eating plan they can stick to it for a few weeks and then they fail.

They block all their emotions off to food, they don’t do any mindset work to figure out what could potentially cause them to eat and then 2 weeks in they have blown it.

If you liken sugar/alcohol/caffeine to a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner that you know is no good for you, that you try to shut out, that you manage to shut out for several weeks, closing off your heart to them, and then when that food or boyfriend shows them the high they could have, they lure them in to open their heart again and they dive right it and fall off the wagon.

Is this you?

What I always teach with embarking on a healthy eating plan is to keep your heart open. Don’t shut your self away, don’t feel deprived and stop yourself loving life but find that new zest to life- be excited with what new adventures you can go on, with what new clothes you can wear, new relationships you can have, new foods that will adore that will make you feel amazing- loving and embracing life.

Keep your heart open and you will keep attracting new amazing opportunities, healthy, fitness, relationships, everything.

Approach your goal with love, acceptance and happiness and ditch the old energy, without blocking your heart.

​​​​​​​If you would like some 1-1 help with this then just get back to me, the door is open.

Christianne xxx

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