Am I boring?

by Christianne
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I was called out for being boring the other day because I didn’t like Macdonnalds and being healthy is really dull.

( actually I worked in Macdonnalds when I was 16, and believe me thats enough to put you off for life,

especially as my hair fell out, but thats another story! )

So what really is boring?

I think its really interesting to break being boring down, I feel we get very confused between

the thrill of a quick fix, or an instant buzz, and the thrill of waiting for something to happen

in the future that will make our lives amazing long term.

We are impatient, all of us, we want that instant high, that high from sugar, from caffeine,

from alcohol, from cigarettes, from drugs, from a lustfull relationship, an affair, from junk food

and probably a lot more.

And most of the time when we have too much of a good thing, too much of that quick fix and

instant high, it all goes wrong, because we have no way to control it. We become addicted to it,

we just are waiting for the next fix, and rarely enjoy the moment of just being with it.

We can actually stop enjoying life and just see these pocket moments as the only fun you can have.

And then that becomes very destructive, we live on adrenalin, we need rows so we can enjoy

the make up bits, we need huge peaks and troughs to be able to feel life because we have forgotten

to just sit with life and just enjoy the calm moment.

There is even now the additional addiction to phones. First we communicated by radio, then

telephones, then mobiles, then texting, now social media and its highly addictive. Because we

get that instant high and need it all the time.

And then this seems to happen with people losing weight also.

They want to lose weight.

So they get really excited, and see the weight come off for a few weeks, and get on a high.

Then the weight slows down, and so then does their enthusiasm, as they are not getting that

instant high anymore, so then they need the instant high from chocolate or alcohol or bread,

or what ever does it for them- AGAIN and so the cycle continues.

And so back to the question of am I boring?

Personally I feel the magic in life happens when you have good energy, when you feel confident,

when you feel healthy, when you feel abundant with energy.

Its really the question of what makes you happy?

Does a slim, healthy, fit body and a calm mind feel better than chocolate or coffee?

Be really honest with yourself.

​Often with my personal training clients I meet them when they are at the end of their tether.
They have over indulged in many areas of their life and the results are a lifeless body,

a stressed out mind, ailments in their joints, sciatica, high blood pressure, diabetes and

so on- this is what happens often as the result of feeling life is boring- you end up like this.

Any my clients often have the lifestyle that people aspire to, the champagne and caviar and

private jets- but do they feel happy?

No, because true happiness is not met with things but with a love of yourself and feeling healthy.

Hey and I am not preaching, I have many flaws, I love chocolate, I love champagne,

I love over indulging and saying F*&k IT!

But trust me, it is very boring being unhealthy and not being able to feel life and live life.

True happiness comes with the answer to that question..

Can I control my instant high? so I don’t get addicted to it.
and is my instant high going to bring me happiness?
Have a great week
Christianne xxx

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