Lockdown transformations of 2020 !

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I am so so excited to share this video with you!

After the announcement that the UK will go into another lockdown I wanted to cheer you up and bring you many rays of hope.

All the ladies in this video completely and utterly transformed their bodies, their health and their lives last year- during a pandemic and during lock down.

The world hasn’t stopped, we don’t have to revert to 2 months of comfort eating, we can still progress and feel amazing, despite whats going on around us.

Please please watch this amazing video..

In it you will see 12 amazing transformation stories.. real life stories of women who have reversed depression, come off all medication, lost 3 stone, rid IBS, stopped severe heart burn, no longer in pain, and so much more…

All the  ladies in this video started their journey with me on The Body Rescue Sugar Free Challenge-

( the next one starts on 11th January – I only run these 3 times a year )

They all say The Sugar Free Challenge completely changed their lives.

In a year where all our lives changed, they chose to do something totally positive…. will you?

In the video you will see

  1. Karen Williams       Lost 3 stone 2.5 pounds, reversed Type 2 diabetes, rid pain in her joints, no longer a sugar addict!
  2. Jillyano Summers  Lost 1.5 stone, rid her anxiety and depression, rid menopausal symptoms, no longer a sugar addict!
  3. Gillian Malcom       Lost 3 stone ( following a heart attack and 4 stents ) lowered cholesterol from 6 to 3.1, no more stents, no longer a sugar addict!
  4. Nicki Maskelene     Lost 3 stone, no longer in pain with osteoarthritis, no longer has chronic heart burn, no more PMS, no longer a sugar addict!
  5. Olivia Phair             Reduced pain with fibromyalgia and had less flair ups, less pain with osteoporosis, less migraines, more energy, better sleep.
  6. Jenny Craven          Lost 3 stone, has trigeminal neuralgia and got chronic headaches and pain, has come off all 10 meds, no longer a sugar addict!
  7. Irene Carter             Lost 2 dress sizes, reversed osteoporosis to osteopanini, increased fitness 10 fold even with a severe lung condition.
  8. Sally Greenleaf        Lost 2.5 stone, is in less pain, much more control, no longer a sugar addict!
  9. Angie Lee-Haines   Lost nearly 2 stone, had chronic IBS and has totally rid it. No longer a sugar addict!
  10. Jenny Clutterbuck  Lost 2.5 stone, suffered severe depression and rid it in the 12 week plan , no longer in pain, no longer a sugar addict!
  11. Pip Redden               Was a total diet coke and chocolate addict, had it for breakfast and every meal, was in chronic pain. No longer has pain no longer a sugar addict!
  12. Lynn Grinstead        Lost 2 stone 9 pounds, no longer in pain with osteoarthritis, no longer on any meds! No longer a sugar addict!

Do you see a theme?

They were all in pain, suffering mentally and physically, and there was one common cause….




Christianne xxx


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