2 week detox starts tomorrow

by Christianne
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I just wanted to let you know I am doing my last 2 week detox this year.
So if you would like to lose up to 10 pounds before December, so you can have your slimmest Christmas yet and still eat chocolate -please jump on board.
And if you think the food will be boring, think again! This is what you have to look forward to!
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We start Monday 16th November for 2 weeks and you get my full support in a private group, where you can chat with me and ask me any thing.
As well as this you get shopping lists, recipe plans, fitness videos, mindset videos and meditations. And a PDF of my whole book The Body Rescue Plan. Plus motivational emails from me every day.
You will not fail this plan.
So what are you waiting for, come on, lets get the weight shifted so we can enjoy the Christmas party season.
All you need is click here and you are off!
Christianne xx

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