Shine Bright Through Darker Nights: Mastering the Clock Change ⏰?

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I hope you have had a fabulous week!


I have come back from Ibiza in one piece, to celebrate my cousins 50th, which was a riot- but am glad to park my 51 year old bottom back on safe soil.





With the nights getting darker I wanted to show you some quick hacks on how you can get through the shorter days with out suffering in your energy.


Heres 6 quick hacks that you can adopt this Autumn..


  • Sleep ?
  • Motivation ?
  • Hormones ?
  • Color ?
  • Nature ?
  • Vitamins ?


  1. SLEEP ?

Your body operates on its internal clock, the circadian rhythm, which relies on both darkness at night and daylight during the day. To sleep better, make sure you soak up some natural sunlight, and avoid bright screens before bedtime. Remember, as you age, your eyes crave more daylight and nighttime darkness to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. So get out in the day, what ever the weather.


    2. MOTIVATION  ?

The darker nights can deprive our energy to do get anything done, so play with how you can motivate yourself. Motivation comes in two flavours: intrinsic (self-rewarding) and extrinsic (reward-driven). Both have their place in motivating healthier choices, depending on the situation. Sometimes, a little external push can kickstart your health journey.



Your body has its own happiness team: oxytocin, endorphins, and serotonin. These feel-good hormones are released during exercise, social interactions, and through consuming certain foods like bananas, almonds, and fatty fish. Also, improving digestion can enhance serotonin production and reduce depression. To avoid SAD this winter, work on your hormones!



Colours can significantly affect your mood and behavior. Ancient cultures used coloured temples for healing, and you can embrace the same concept. Brighten your surroundings and wardrobe with vibrant colors, especially in the winter, to uplift your spirits.



Spending time in nature, a practice known as “Forest Bathing,” can lower stress hormone levels and boost your immune system. Trees release phytoncides, aromatic compounds that have a therapeutic effect when inhaled. Even views of nature can reduce stress and improve attention. With less sunlight we naturally get outside less, but even getting outside at night can improve your well being.


  6. VITAMINS for winter immunity and mood ?

Vitamin D is essential for your immune boosting body in the winter, our main source is from the sun but it can also be found in foods like salmon and eggs- or nut milks with added vit D.


Omega-3 fatty acids, vital for mood balance, are present in olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, and especially flaxseeds. Embrace these nutrients to improve your mood and overall health, particularly in the darker months.


If you want some help to get your energy up I have a gorgeous FREE book you can download here with some energy boosting recipes in.




Christianne x

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