Lose Up to 2.5 Stone and FINALLY
rid those menopausal symptoms.

 Lose weight, gain energy, uncover glowing skin, in just 12 weeks.

Imagine NEVER having to battle your Menopause Symptoms Again!

The Body Rescue Plan helps you Bring Your Inner Hot Self to Life! 

Are you grappling with a series of unexpected battles as menopause sets in? ..


You get super excited to get fit and eat better, only to fall back into your old patterns again.

You’re tired of opening the wardrobe and feeling like nothing fits.

You try to eat well but it’s like chocolate and biscuits keep calling your name from the cupboard- They seem to offer solace during moments of discomfort and unease that often accompany menopause.



What do others think? 

I spent most of my adult life overweight and unhealthy. I am 59 now and if I can inspire one person to become more healthy then it’s worth it.

I decided I had to do something about my weight when my blood pressure rocketed and I just felt generally unwell, I was exhausted and pretty low. Due to childhood trauma I had a life long battle with my weight.
Years of yoyo dieting caused so many problems and no long term solutions. I came across The Body Rescue Plan and decided to give it a go. 
I found it easy to follow and maintain, I wasn’t hungry and had a steady weight loss. I have to say I was unable to do the exercises because of an underlying health condition but I did walk a lot.
I continued following the plan after the three months and ended up losing 8 stone in total within 12 months.
I couldn’t have done it without the knowledge, encouragement, advice and daily videos from Christianne.
Christianne’s experience, great recipies, exercises and mindset hacks.. was paramount for my success.
Apart from all the health benefits of losing weight, I think the biggest thing for me was the sense of freedom it gave me. Not feeling like I was being judged, being able to slip easily into size 10-12 clothes and being confident when I go out. It is so liberating!
I would 100% recommend The Body Rescue Plan.
My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner!
Deb Church


Even if you are starting to lose hope that things can change, I want you to know its possible with the right approach.

  • You’re practically swimming in your current clothes–time to shop for smaller sizes!
  • Your skin is so healthy and glowing that you don’t even need foundation; quick swipe of mascara and lip gloss, and you’re good to go!
  • Muffin top is a distant memory; those jeans slip on with ease, and you know you look GOOD ?
  • You wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day (instead of being in zombie mode until your 3rd cup of coffee)


You can feel free, love your body and have boundless energy.

You can enjoy tasty treats without depriving yourself, while also strengthening your immune system.

You can ditch the bloat and those pesky extra pounds ( no more yoyo-ing )

Is this you?  …

“I’m menopausal, I’m pretty sure my weight gain is here to stay”

“My metabolism has plummeted–I gain weight just by LOOKING at food”

“My energy is zapped, there’s no way I can find it in me to start exercising”

“I’m a single mother, I work full-time, and I have a social life–I’m just too busy”

The way to get there is to follow The Body Rescue plan!

The Body Rescue Plan

” Wow don’t I look good! ?

For all of you that are still undecided this plan works.

I’ve tried loads of diets over the years, WW, Unislim, SW, etc. and yes I did loose weight but I put it all back on within a few months plus the extra. I never learned how to eat properly but on Christianne Wolff´s plan I certainly did.

I learned how to put nutrients into my body to help me loose weight and gain more energy.

My menopausal symptoms disappeared and my joint pains subsided. My shape totally transformed and I lost 2.5 stone which brought me to my dream weight which I hadn’t been since my teenage years. For those of you that have already signed up I know you won’t be disappointed. Christianne is a wonderful mentor and with her help you can achieve your dream. Wishing you all the very best with your onward journey. Xx

Catherine Boukhima

” I was eating the most ridiculous amount of chocolate, I felt breathless, anxious, worthless and had no energy. I have also had 2 back surgeries and knew I needed to lose weight because it was making my back worse. 

I can honestly say The Body Rescue Plan didn’t affect me negatively at all, it was brilliant! 

I lost 5 pounds in the first week and went on to lose 2.5 stone, 2 dress sizes over 12 weeks. 

I was concerned that 3 months is a long time, I always start things and never follow through, but you made so much sense.

This is the first time I invested in myself and haven’t looked back! 

The difference how I feel is incredible, I used to feel so bloated, uncomfortable and heavy, I can’t tell you how different I feel. 

My husband has embraced it too and has made so many delicious recipes. I feel so much healthier! I now have more mobility in my back too. 

I was on HRT before I started The Body Rescue Plan, and I gradually came off. I was really suffering with menopausal symptoms before and now have none whats so ever. I did come off it once before when I had my back surgery last year and the symptoms were terrible, but now I feel amazing. ”


Sally Greenleaf

Get specific tips, recipes and mindset hacks to change your relationship with sugar for good.


No more spending hours every week trying to plan out the meals to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet, while also trying to choose stuff that actually tastes good and is simple to make (nobody has time for that).


With The Body Rescue Plan you get…

Delicious Recipe plans

Each week, you’ll receive a tantalizing list of breakfast, lunch, and supper recipes, plus 2 yummy snacks per day. You get cakes, chocolates, and biscuits ( sugar free ) that taste incredible and don’t leave you bloated. 

Exercise and Yoga

Discover enhanced flexibility, improved strength, and increased overall well-being. My carefully designed routines not only promote physical fitness but also help reduce stress, boost mental clarity, and foster a profound sense of inner peace.

Meditation and Mindset

Finally stop self sabotaging, emotional eating with my meditations and mindset hacks and learn to relax, allowing your body to destress so your hormones are balanced and your digestion and focus works!

” I was feeling absolutely lousy, I had a disease caused by shingles that was causing me a lot of pain. I was on 10 different medications including HRT and anti-depressants. 

What really appealed to me about The Body Rescue Plan is it’s about health and not just weight. I have done slimming world and other diets and although I lost the weight before I never felt healthy. AND now I have lost 2.5 stone and have come off 10 different medications and feel incredible. 

I went through early menopause and have been on HRT for years, I had terrible hot flushes, I was totally stressed out, had severe headaches and now have NO PAIN and not on any meds. 

The Body Rescue Plan is amazing, I liked the routine, the structure and recipe ideas. 

I’ve never had such a flat stomach, I’ve lost 3 dress sizes and haven`t felt this good in years”


Jenny Craven

The Body Rescue Plan takes care of it all, to make it easy-peasy to make YOU a priority.

Done for-You shopping lists.

How frustrating is it to make your own shopping list, only to get home and realize you forgot some key ingredients?  Things like that can be maddening enough to weaken your resolve, so I’ve done the hard work for you–just order your food online, or take these lists with you to the shops.
There are gluten free and vegan recipes too!

Previous participants in this programme have experienced …

? Better mood
? Better skin
? Improved sleep
? Improved fitness and mobility 
? Improved flexibility 
? Less achey joints
? Reduced their cravings
? Less bloat
? Better digestion
? Weight loss
? Improved confidence
? Reduced or rid menopausal symptoms

…YES! They have actually noticed these changes in just 5 days.

Andrea Osborne

Hi, I’m Christianne, I’m a multi award winning, best selling author of 7 books in The Body Rescue Plan series and The Healed State, with over 28 years experience and qualifications in weight loss and well being.

You will also see me regularly on the telly, and in magazines and papers sharing my gifts 🙂

My absolute passion is helping you heal, through easy delicious recipes, meditation, yoga and exercise.

Born and bred in the UK, but currently live in beautiful Portugal with my daughter Angelique, husband Robbie and 2 rescue dogs Bula and Pablo.

Are you ready ?

Yes I am ready to rid those menopause symptoms for good!.. 

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