“Embrace empowerment by prioritising you, to allow your true potential. “

Join me in a 90 minute LIVE workshop to help you rid your self sabotage behaviour.. 

? Do you often find yourself putting others needs before you own, struggling to prioritise your well being?


? Have you experienced the frustration of knowing what to do, yet failing to stay consistent due to life’s obstacles, lack of motivation or not seeing the desired result?
? If you’re tired of feeling stuck, it’s time to confront the powerful force of self-sabotage that’s been holding you back.
? The way to get there is to follow …

Heal Your Self Sabotage Workshop 

Let me help you prioritise your health, create consistency, gain clarity with tools to put yourself first, even when life is tough!
Get support for over 90 minutes, propelling you towards conquering inner demons, and staying on track for the life you deserve.



Ridding Self Sabotage is proven to…

Reduce fear, anger, tension, depression, anxiety and fatigue.

To renew you with the tools to prevent this behaviour being repeated on a loop in your future. 

What do others think? 

If you are searching for ways to find balance this gives takes you beyond all possibilities you thought possible and gives so much knowledge! I can’t praise it enough

Marie-Francoise Martin

TV presenter

With This Workshop You Will Get…

Live Stream video via zoom! 


Chat with me live so we can dive deep and rid this negative behaviour for good!

Heal Your Self Sabotage Manual.

Uncover empowerment and conquer self-sabotage with the “Heal Your Self-Sabotage” workshop manual, your guide to prioritising yourself and achieving lasting consistency.


Written by Christianne Wolff 


Your award winning, best selling author. So you can rid the horrible self sabotage stuck behaviour and reveal the new you. 

Christianne empowers you to establish essential foundations for personal growth and offers invaluable insights into living a fulfilling life, with her wisdom illuminating our paths.

Unleash your true potential!

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as Christianne gracefully leads us all 

Kris Carr

New York Times Best Seller!

Previous participants in this programme have experienced …

? Better mood
? Motivation
? Improved sleep
? Improved energy
? Rid their sugar cravings
? Rid addictive behaviour 
? Improved mood
? Happier 
? Healthier
? Slimmer
And more…

…YES! They have actually noticed an improvement in just a few days.

Hi, I’m Christianne, I’m a multi award winning, best selling author of 7 books in The Body Rescue Plan series and The Healed State, with over 27 years experience and qualifications in weight loss Self Sabotage and well being.

You will also see me regularly on the telly, and in magazines and papers sharing my gifts 🙂

My absolute passion is helping you heal, through easy delicious recipes, meditation, yoga and exercise.

Born and bred in the UK, but currently live in beautiful Portugal with my daughter Angelique, husband Robbie and 2 rescue dogs Bula and Pablo.

Are you ready ?

Yes I am ready to rid my self sabotage behaviour for good for only £17 …


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