Empower Your Day Videos

Introduction Video


Affirmation ´I am enough.´

DAY 1 Reset Video- Splash Water


Affirmation ´I Absorb the light.´

DAY 2 Reset Video 

Deep Breathing- Breath Work.


Affirmation ´I release and let go. ´

DAY 3 Reset video – OM


Affirmation ´I am the light ´song.

DAY 4 reset video – Massage Temples. 


Affirmation ´My Body is my vessel.´

DAY 5 reset video – Gargling. 


Affirmation ´Just as the wind blows in the trees ´

DAY 6 reset video – Rubbing Ear Lobes. 


Affirmation ´I feel the deepest pleasures in life ´

Day 7 – Reset Video- Surround White Light 


Affirmation ´I fill my body with the nutrients it needs ´

Day 8 – Reset Video- When triggered, dance. 


Affirmation ´I forgive myself, its ok to make mistakes. ´

Day 9 – Reset Video- Walk on earth bare foot- hug a tree. 

DAY 10

Affirmation ´I am safe, I am free. ´

Day 10- Reset Video- Mindful walking- reset and clear. 

DAY 11

Affirmation ´I understand that the changes I seek are the changes I make ´

Day 11- Reset Video- Achoring. 

DAY 12

Affirmation ´I choose positive thoughts for healing. ´

Day 12- Reset Video- Gratitude. 

DAY 13

Affirmation. ´I have faith that my Devine wisdom is showing me the way. ´

Day 13- Reset Video- Body Sweep

DAY 14

Affirmation ´The choice I make, will result in how I feel. ´

Day 14- Reset Video- Posture for confidence-Power Pose.

DAY 15

Affirmation ´I heal when I take responsibility for who I am.´


Day 15- Reset Video- Practicing confidence. 

DAY 16

Affirmation ´I embrace change because it gives me more happiness.´


Day 16- Reset Video- Check in

DAY 17

Affirmation ´Gracious words are a honey comb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. ´



Day 17- Reset Video- Decluttering

DAY 18

Affirmation ´I am inspired by happiness. `



Day 18- Reset Video- Tense and Release. 

DAY 19

Affirmation ´I feel happier when I’m Kind.´


Day 19- Reset Video- Mindful Eating. 

DAY 20

Affirmation ´When I move my body I release happy hormones.´


Day 20- Reset Video- Aromatherapy oils inhale

DAY 21

Affirmation ´Cleansing and cleaning are essential to my healing.´


Day 21- Reset Video-Aromatherapy part 2


DAY 22

Affirmation ´Each and every day I allow routine and this pleasure.´


Day 22- Reset Video-Laughter 

DAY 23

Affirmation ´I take the time to heal.´


Day 23- Reset Video- Sound Bath. 


Watch Full Sound Bath here 


DAY 24

Affirmation ´Nature is all around me, all I have to do is spend time in it to heal´


Day 24- Reset Video-Yoga

Watch Sun Salutation video here Yoga

DAY 25

Affirmation ´I fill my lungs with love.´


Day 25- Reset Video-Alternate nostril breathing  

DAY 26

Affirmation ´I hold onto gratitude and love´. 


Day 26- Reset Video-Journaling Session

DAY 27

Affirmation ´My heart sings when I find deep joy.´


Day 27- Reset Video-Sensory Grounding 

DAY 28

Affirmation ´I reward myself with healing.´


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