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The Body Rescue Virtual Retreat
Day 1 Fitness with Robbie- 4pm
Day 1 Cooking Chick Pea Curry- 5pm
prep supper day 1- Chick pea curry
Day 1
Supper- 6pm
Crystal Meditation- 7pm
Day 2
Hot Water, Lemon and Smoothie- 6:30am
Day 2
Run/Walk with Robbie- 7am
Day 2 yoga
Day 2 Cooking Breakfast- Portobello Mushrooms- 9am
prep breakfast day 2
Day 2 Breakfast 9:30am
Day 2 Fitness Games Robbie 11am
Day 2 Lunch Cooking- Beetroot Burgers - 12pm
Lunch prep day 2
Day 2 Cooking with Christianne
Supper- Broccoli Soup and Flat Bread- 6pm
day 2 supper broccoli and asparagus soup
Day 2 supper flat bread
Day 2
Meditation 8pm
Day 3 Yoga 7:30am
Day 3 Breakfast cooking-
Chia seed pudding and Muffins- 8:30am
snack prep
Day 3 Hiit Training Robbie- 10am
Day 3 Cooking Lunch with Christianne-
Lentil and Blackbean salad - 12:30pm
black bean and lentil salad prep
Day 3 Abs with Robbie 5pm
Day 3 -Asian coleslaw Cooking with Christianne- 6pm
asian coleslaw
Day 3 Sunset Dowsing and meditation
with Christianne- 7:30pm
Day 4 Yoga with Christianne 7am
Day 4 buddha bowls Breakfast cooking with Christianne 8am
Day 4 Boxercise with Robbie 11am
Day 4 Cooking Lunch with Christianne 12pm
Broccoli and chickpea salad
Day 4 Cliff top Meditation 12:30pm

Bonus Sunset meditation