The Body Rescue Maintenance VIP club

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Have you followed The Body Rescue Plan ?
But now you would love to have a life plan, and a private group to support your wins and help you through the tough times?
Would you love to have live streams with me and support from me every day?
Do you need support with how to have the chocolate, cocktails and cakes without the weight gain and addictions again?
I am really excited to be offering The Body Rescue Maintenance VIP Club.
This is a brand new online club, and because of this I am offering a super special discount.
**A crazy price of just £34 a month if you sign up before 29th July- starting on 31st July**
Don’t worry if you are away over the summer, we will still support you whilst on holiday.
You get an exciting new load of exercises, shopping lists, recipes plans and mindset meditations.
Plus loads more videos and live calls with me.
The maintenance plan teaches you how to still lose weight if you need to, but also how to maintain your loss- and by being able to have the naughty foods without getting addicted emotionally or physically.
If you would like a life plan, and an amazing support network, where you will meet new friends and get discounts too- then sign up here 
Looking forward to our new journey together
Christianne xxx

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