Sugar Free Challenge 9th September

by Christianne
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I am so excited to be offering my next Body Rescue Sugar Free Challenge on 9th September!

Have you over done it this summer?
Lost a bit of control of your eating or drinking?

Run out of energy?

Yup, I’m getting emails left right and centre from people desperate to sign up again.

All you have to do is click here and we open the doors on Wednesday 4th September!

Imagine going Sugar Free in just 5 days! And losing up to 7 pounds!

What do you get?

  • You get 2 Recipe plans one for Vegan/vegeterian and one for pescatarian/non vegan
  • Shopping list
  • Emails every day telling you what, to do starting from 9th September for 5 days
  • And Live Streams with me every day too! Where I show you how to rid sugar both physically and emotionally.

over 150,000 have followed the Body Rescue sugar free challenge and got incredible results…

Just sign up hereĀ 


Christianne xxx

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