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So its been almost a year since we left the UK and went out to live our dream, of living by the sea, in beautiful sunny Algarve.
I often get people saying, wow! you are living the dream! And I am never quite sure how to respond to that- especially if there is an envious tone. But I guess we are!
I wake up every day to beautiful glorious views, and walk the dogs every morning on the beach that goes on for miles, whilst hearing the waves crashing and the sun beating its warm rays on my face.
Whilst my friends have been telling me its pouring down with rain all through June in the UK, we just wonder when we will see the next cloud! And those deep blue tones of the sky never get dull.
Has it changed us as a family? Absolutely! We are all much calmer, more grounded, more chilled.
Its what was needed for our health too- apart from having flu this week, we have all found we feel so much more alive and energised with the sunshine and sea.
Even the dogs are more chilled!
And then there is my beloved love of water sports! Kite surfing, surfing and sailing, is just the most exhilarating feeling in the world. In fact all my water sports instructors dream of having an online business like ours, so they can live anywhere in the world too, they are always asking me how we did it!
In fact it’s probably what I get asked the most-how we actually did all this from a business perspective, and how we have grown the online business in such a competitive market, so we can live anywhere in the world.
And really my advice would be to learn from those who have done it the best!
 I learnt everything about the online world through my friend and mentor James Wedmore, in fact he is running an online workshop on Saturday 6th and 7th July about how to work out your niche market. So if you are looking at running your own online business, but not quite sure where to start, I would really recommend him! He’s been amazing for us! Just click here 
In fact we are travelling around Europe in July and August, which I can do whilst continuing to run our online business. And we are all going! The two dogs, Angelique, Robbie and I! I am so so excited! The last time I travelled around Europe I was 21! Now 26 years later I get to do it all over again, but in a bit more luxury, and as a whole family experience, dogs and all. And knowing I am still earning passive income every single day. Its amazing!
So, as I always get asked about my online business, I just wanted to reach out to you that if you are wondering how you can do the same and are not quite sure how to get started or who you could sell your product or service to, check out my mentors James Wedmore’s workshop here..
My next email will be from the road somewhere in Europe!
Christianne xxx

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