The Abundance Collection
Manifesting Abundance
-Mini Course
How to attract more
and work less


Release old, stagnant energy, connect with new abundant energy and allow your life to be ever flowing and prosperous in just weeks
Join my Manifesting Abundance Mini Course for just £79
  • 10 Powerful Abundance Meditations
  • The Manifesting Abundance Workbook
  • 2 Mindset Videos
The Manifesting Abundance MINI course is available immediately to you so you can make 2024 your most prosperous and abundant year yet!

The Abundance Collection
The Manifesting Abundance MINI course
( Special Pricing ends 3rd January )



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” As ever another winning course from our lovely Christianne.. she teaches you amazing life skills which are life changing …challenging but your life will be transformed…try it take a leap of faith…do it for yourself YOU DESERVE THIS ”

Carol Ann Forest

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”I found the manifesting abundance course enlightening!! I was surprised at what it made me think about ! I found so much out about myself some stuff really surprised me !!
I really recommend it ! It’s been eye opening and rewarding ! It made me aware of so much so all I really can say is it was brilliant , amazing and fulfilling xxxx”

Ann Coxon


”This course was a real journey into myself which is still ongoing. If you want to find new ways to express yourself and discover more about who you really are, then this course is for you. You will be given tools that you can use forever and expand your wellbeing in all aspects of your life. Thank you Christianne for all your support on this course Xxx”

Riina Hilton

The Manifesting Abundance MINI Course provides 10 meditations, 2 Videos and a 44 page Workbook to release old blocks and conditioned behaviours, so you can improve your wealth, your health your love and your life.

Here is what we will cover on the course

Fire- Release
Unleashing the wild horse. Before you make your wish list of what you want in your life, we release anything that may be holding you back or stopping you moving forward. With 2 Meditations-
‘Release the wild horse’ LISTEN
‘What makes you feel abundant?’ LISTEN

Module 2
You are now a cleaner slate ready for connecting to your desire-fire wish list- whilst still releasing any limiting energy. With 2 Meditations.
”Focus” LISTEN

”Sit in the essence of you” LISTEN

Module 3
A time for showing gratitude, connecting with the deep roots of life, mother earth and all the energy around and above us. With 1 Meditation ”Roots Meditation”LISTEN

Module 4
By tuning into your creative energies you are still making earthly connections so that your playful energy attracts more and you feel light. With 1 Meditation and 1 Video.
”Paint your vision” WATCH

Module 5
Wind- Expansion
Now we have learnt to release and re-connect we are now ready for expansion. Putting into action what we want, and revving up the engine to make it happen in a big way so it expands to the whole universe. With 1 Meditation
”Acceptance” LISTEN

Module 6
It is not enough to make a wish list, and release old blocks, we also have to be in the mindset of allowing, of letting in, of absorbing all the prosperity that is always there for us. With 1 Meditation
”Visualisation for success” LISTEN

Module 7
The Healing Water- Absorption
Its time for self healing for practicing self love and self care so that the universal energies know that you are no longer rejecting them and you are ready for an abundant prosperous mind, body and soul. With 1 Meditation and 1 Video.
”Walk bare foot Meditation”

Module 8
Ethereal Powerhouse
Fine tuning that energy now and taking the expansion higher, so that all you have learnt becomes a natural flow of effortless energy given to you to keep ever expanding into infinite abundance. With 1 Video Meditation
”Starlight Meditation” WATCH
In the Manifesting Abundance MINI Course YOU GET:
  • 10 Manifesting Abundance meditations worth £200
  • 1) What makes you feel truly abundant.
  • 2) Unleashing the wild horse meditation.
  • 3) Focus meditation.
  • 4) Sit in the essence of you.
  • 5) Roots meditation.
  • 6) Paint your vision.
  • 7) Acceptance meditation.
  • 8) Visulisation for success.
  • 9) Walk bare foot meditation.
  • 10) Starlight meditation.
  • The Manifesting Abundance workbook worth £120
  • 2 Powerful Mindset videos worth £60
  • Life time access to The Abundance Collection- PRICELESS
Total worth £380
You get it for just £79

‘ Don’t fret, Christianne Wolff has all the answers!’

‘ Christianne Wolff is an all round Guru to help you.’

‘ Christianne Wolff will help you nourish your mind and body, she has a very personal and caring attitude and she truly wants you to feel guided on your journey. She helps in raising awareness as to how much power you have to change.’

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup                                                                                                      

During the meditations, videos and workbook we’ll resolve your questions like…
  • I am always spinning plates, how do I get enough focus? ‘
  • How can I improve my self worth so I consistently attract abundance?
  • How can I start seeing financial results immediately, without having to wait?
  • How can I stop the other saboteurs in my life, so that I can attract more money?
  • How do I stop sabotaging myself and feeling uncomfortable gaining success, but instead have an endless tap of prosperity without guilt?
  • And much more …

The Abundance Collection
The Manifesting Abundance MINI course
( Special Pricing ends 3rd January)



‘ Award winning author Christianne Wolff, offers some top tips in mindset.’

‘ Award-winning author, Christianne Wolff, teaches that the power of your mind is enormous and the same forces that imprison you, can also empower you.’

Its time for you to earn what you deserve, attract the right relationships, find a new family of like minded abundant manifesters and thrive in the body you know is rightfully yours. Let me show you the easy way so this can be yours for life.

The Abundance Collection
The Manifesting Abundance MINI course
(Special Pricing ends 3rd January)



Jacky Carter

”I have really enjoyed doing this course, it has made me look at things in a different way, challenged and changed beliefs I had. It can be intense but you can complete at your own pace. Approach it with an open mind and enjoy the activities, you will have fun, as well as learning more about yourself and attracting abundance x”

Jacky Carter

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