Manifesting Abundance
How to attract more
and work less

Release old, stagnant energy, connect with new abundant energy and allow your life to be ever flowing and prosperous in just weeks
”Being in a state of overwhelm, having money-blocks, having relationship blocks and not flowing in your business life like you deserve”

This is just how life is, and everyone deals with it, right?

After all, it’s been like this for so long, you’ve forgotten that it’s even possible to live any other way.

And every time you make attempts to change your life, you run into the same problems, over and over

  • You attract great things in your life, only to sabotage your success and fail the next minute.
  • You always want more in your life but can never seem to reach what you feel you deserve.
  • You know you have the ability to attract loads of money, amazing relationships and a healthy body, but you can’t sustain the energy- it feels too hard!
  • You feel its selfish to focus more on yourself than anyone else and there for lose focus.
  • In the end, your inner self saboteur junkie wins, and you wind up feeling like a failure.
And yet… you know that in you somewhere there is the power to create the life you deserve!
Don’t give up on yourself just yet. You DO have what it takes to ditch the overwhelm and gain the abundance.
Even if you’re the busiest person you know.

Even if you lose focus

Even if you’ve always struggled with money

And even if you have lack of self worth..

Here’s what life looks like when you’ve kicked self sabotage habit and made your abundance a priority.
  • You have new revived energy and a new zest for life.
  • You no longer worry constantly about money and trust the ease with which it comes.
  • You can finally expand your business because you have found the key that has been holding you back.
  • You wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day in a new body that is ready for more.
  • You attract amazing opportunities that allow for more wealth, health, love and happiness.
  • You attract amazing like minded people in your life that support you and have so much love for you to be abundantly happy.
You might be thinking, that all sounds great, but….

“I don’t think I can ever change my mindset, its just the way I am”

“My energy is zapped, there’s no way I can find it in me to change”

“I’m a single mother, I work full-time, and I have a social life–I’m just too busy”

”I have tried everything and always end up self sabotaging, my blocks are too strong”

Loud and clear.  I still believe you can change that, and here’s why.

about the author
My name is Christianne Wolff and I am the creator of Manifesting Abundance.

I’ve been a celebrity healer and trainer for 25 years, won multiple awards, am the author of 4 best sellers and I’ve been featured in 100’s of magazines, newspapers, TV and radio shows. I live in the beautiful algarve by the sea with my wonderful family. All of that might sound impressive, but to be honest, that’s not what makes me so sure you can do this.

I have been manifesting amazing things into my life since I was a little girl. I had the gift of healing and knew how to tune into the finer things in life from a very early age.

I attracted celebrity clients within a year of becoming an entrepreneur, I was the first female columnist for Mens Fitness magazine only a short while after, I attracted being on TV around the world, befriending VIPs, I married the man of my dreams and have the most amazing daughter and I run an incredible company that I love.

However, whilst attracting all these amazing things, I also lost things dramatically too. I gained a lot of money, I’d then lose a lot.

I’d get incredibly fit but then get incredibly ill.

I’d have amazing relationships and then I would lose them.

And even with all my wisdom on knowing how to switch on that attraction beam- if I didn’t keep it in check, a whole host of self sabotaging would go on.

My attraction beam was in a Bi-Polar state!

And it would always really confuse me.

My life felt like a perpetual rollercoaster and I was ready to jump ship as it was exhausting.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully TODAY things are different and I have found a new way to have a perpetually evolving attraction beam that loves me.

I developed a new approach so that I no longer sabotaged, so I could prosper without guilt, so that I could attract the right relationships, so that I could sustain my fitness levels and improve my life, so that I could double my income each year, rather than bolting to the ceiling and spiralling out of control.

In fact one of my biggest dreams was to live by the ocean in Portugal, with panoramic sea views and we achieved that this year 🙂

Part of my new approach got developed into 4 best selling books in The Body Rescue Plan series.

And whilst the world was a fitter healthier place, having sold thousands of my plan all over the world- I knew I wanted to take this one stage further, to expand peoples horizons in every part of their life, in an incredibly fun, driven wisdom fuelling course.



The Manifesting Abundance course

” Release old, stagnant energy, connect with new abundant energy and allow your life to be ever flowing and prosperous in just weeks”

No more ”working hard, means I get the results” attitude.

No need to spend hours trying to make it work.

No constant fighting against your self sabotage cravings for the rest of your life.

This is your time to step into the most fit, energetic, wealthy, happy and vibrant version of yourself.

Join The Manifesting Abundance Course for £279
OR Join my VIP ACCESS Manifesting Abundance Course for just £447
  • Live Q&A Support Calls – Stay on track with my live call support and get personalized feedback so you reach your goals faster than you can imagine.
  • Private Facebook Group Community support so you can share wins, ideas and power up your progress by feeding off the group energy. I also share additional tips and motivation throughout the week.
  • And contact with us every day
The Manifesting Abundance course kicks off on 23rd November so you can make 2020 your most prosperous and abundant year yet!
The Manifesting Abundance course
Self Study
( Special Pricing ends 22nd November )

The Manifesting Abundance course
VIP Access

( Special Pricing ends 22nd November)



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” As ever another winning course from our lovely Christianne.. she teaches you amazing life skills which are life changing …challenging but your life will be transformed…try it take a leap of faith…do it for yourself YOU DESERVE THIS ”

Carol Ann Forest

Screenshot 2018-05-10 08.00.50
”I found the manifesting abundance course enlightening!! I was surprised at what it made me think about ! I found so much out about myself some stuff really surprised me !!
I really recommend it ! It’s been eye opening and rewarding ! It made me aware of so much so all I really can say is it was brilliant , amazing and fulfilling xxxx”

Ann Coxon

”This course was a real journey into myself which is still ongoing. If you want to find new ways to express yourself and discover more about who you really are, then this course is for you. You will be given tools that you can use forever and expand your wellbeing in all aspects of your life. Thank you Christianne for all your support on this course Xxx”

Riina Hilton

The Manifesting Abundance Course is an 8-week plan that provides every thing you need to release old blocks and conditioned behaviours, so you can improve your wealth, your health your love and your life.
Here is what we will cover on the course

Week 1
Fire- Release
Unleashing the wild horse. Before you make your wish list of what you want in your life, we release anything that may be holding you back or stopping you moving forward. So you get a complete emotional makeover to release the old and bring in the new, through my ground breaking exercising.

Week 2
You are now a cleaner slate ready for connecting to your desire-fire wish list- whilst still releasing any limiting energy.

This focus on what you want and deserve will be the driving force now to attract a wealth of abundance in your life. And some of the exercises we do will be like nothing you have done before.

Week 3
A time for showing gratitude, connecting with the deep roots of life, mother earth and all the energy around and above us. This allows you to stop being in your head of the ‘working hard’ mentality to get you there and puts you in the presence of allowing it to happen right now. I literally show you how to slow life down to speed up abundance.

Week 4
By tuning into your creative energies you are still making earthly connections so that your playful energy attracts more and you feel light. We make mandalas, sing, play music, paint your vision and even cook this week- this is the funnest time you will have attracting prosperity in your life and no creative talents are needed- you will be amazed and astounded at what creative energies you will awaken. And its quick and easy-peasy.

Week 5
Wind- Expansion
Now we have learnt to release and re-connect we are now ready for expansion. Putting into action what we want, and revving up the engine to make it happen in a big way so it expands to the whole universe. In here are my unique exercises that got me to attract incredible people in my life, celebrity clients, the Man of my dreams, and an abundant business. I can’t wait to share this with you- its been a secret of mine for years.

Week 6
It is not enough to make a wish list, and release old blocks, we also have to be in the mindset of allowing, of letting in, of absorbing all the prosperity that is always there for us. We do this with some very practical steps but also with a dance of breath and meditation, always allowing in what we want. That is the real key for attracting love and wealth, especially if you are someone who is always helping others. I finally show you how to switch it back to you 10 fold, but still being the loving, generous person you are.

Week 7
The Healing Water- Absorption
Its time for self healing for practicing self love and self care so that the universal energies know that you are no longer rejecting them and you are ready for an abundant prosperous mind, body and soul. These special but simple exercises remind you and the world around you how special you are and how you always deserve to be treated that way.

Week 8
Ethereal Powerhouse
Fine tuning that energy now and taking the expansion higher, so that all you have learnt becomes a natural flow of effortless energy given to you to keep ever expanding into infinite abundance. We finish with a beautiful ceremony in the group, gifting ourselves and each other for this incredible expansion. Its all waiting for you.
In the self study Manifesting Abundance Course YOU GET:
  • A daily inspiring video for 8 weeks worth £840
  • 1 yoga video worth £20
  • 8 Manifesting Abundance meditations worth £160
  • The Manifesting Abundance course and workbook worth £120
  • Motivational emails every day worth £360
  • Life time access to The Manifesting Abundance course- PRICELESS
Total worth £1,500.00
You get it for just £279
Or Sign up to my VIP ACCESS of the Manifesting Abundance Course YOU GET:
  • All of the above worth £1,500.00 PLUS..
  • Live stream videos with me every week for 8 weeks worth £800
  • PLUS Unlimited access to me on a private group worth £thousands!!!!
Total worth £8,450.00
You get it for just £447

Most abundance programs wouldn’t even go this far to help you get maximum results, but I’m not done yet…

I’m also throwing in some special bonuses to help you propel your results beyond expectations…

  • BONUS 1 – 3 exclusive and incredibly inspiring interviews with Christianne and leading gurus in mindset and business, including Bob Doyle from ‘The Secret’ teaching about releasing self sabotage, Richard Reed ‘Founder of Innocent Smoothies’ showing how to create a multi million pound company with a difference and Jamie Catto from ‘Faithless’ on how he travelled the world creating a film Unity through diversity.
  • BONUS 2 – My smoothie, soups and juice recipe book. So that whilst you are revamping your mindset you are also detoxing the body to allow for growth. This book offers incredibly simple and quick recipes to give you the highest nutrients so that you don’t even have to think about how to have an energetic body, and will also help prevent you reaching for junk food whilst you are on the upgrade. No more spending hours every week trying to plan out the meals to ensure you’re eating a balanced diet- this takes care of the nutrients for you.
  • The Manifesting Abundance course takes care of it all, to make it easy-peasy to make YOU and your life a priority.

‘ Don’t fret, Christianne Wolff has all the answers!’ 


‘ Christianne Wolff is an all round Guru to help you.’ 

‘ Christianne Wolff will help you nourish your mind and body, she has a very personal and caring attitude and she truly wants you to feel guided on your journey. She helps in raising awareness as to how much power you have to change.’

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup                                                                                                      

During the course we’ll resolve your questions like…
  • I am always spinning plates, how do I get enough focus? ‘
  • How can I improve my self worth so I consistently attract abundance?
  • How can I start seeing financial results immediately, without having to wait?
  • How can I stop the other saboteurs in my life, so that I can attract more money?
  • How do I stop sabotaging myself and feeling uncomfortable gaining success, but instead have an endless tap of prosperity without guilt?
  • And much more …
Still have questions?  Read on…

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

The videos each day are around 10 mins, with 1 longer one each week. My methods will release old energy and empower you with my very unique techniques. And I will also show you some very practical tools in working less and attracting more of the good stuff.

How is The Manifesting Abundance Plan Delivered?

The Manifesting Abundance Plan is an 8 week course where upon purchase you would receive emails every day starting on the Monday you start. You will see 8 Modules with daily videos and work books. VIP you get a Facebook group and weekly live calls.

I am a total beginner to manifesting, will I get overwhelmed with this course?

Amazing, I always love to invite newbies to a new way of enriching your life. No you will not get overwhelmed, if you start with me I will show you how to do some very simple but highly effective exercises to release the anxiety around wanting to attract more so that the tap keeps on flowing.

I know all there is to know about manifesting, what will I learn on your course?

The methods that we will be using on this course and the frame in which I have set them will be like nothing you have done before. Some of the mental and physical exercises we use are developed from my own intuitive guidance, like my abun-dance and my revving up your engine exercise and others are learnt from masters I have had in my life over the last 45 years- I am so excited to share this with you as I have seen incredible changes in my life from using these simple but highly effective exercises.

How will this improve my life?

If you are reading this, then I am guessing you want an upgrade in your life without the constant feast and famine energy going on around you. By following my step by step guide that cleanses your mind, releases old blocks, helps you gain focus on what you want and need and then allows you to tap into the abundant energy that you deserve. This will result in you continuously attracting more love, more money, better relationships and more creative spiritual energy- without feeling drained and like you have had to ‘Work Hard’ at it and without the self sabotaging. It will become a natural flow to your life and can be life-changing.

How quickly will I see results?

Some people see results immediately, as when your energy changes so does the energy around you change. We are like magnets attracting what we feel and think, and when you change the vibration around you for a more gratifying life, the bigger energy comes to you. And when you call upon that to stay, it stays and grows. By the 8 weeks you will have learnt to clear old patterns and limiting beliefs, and with be fully powered and charged up to have an abundant rich life. And when any future limiting beliefs or trigger points come in, whenever you want an upgrade – you have all the tools to release them and attract more wonderful energy to you.

How long will I have access to the course for?

You will have a life time access to the course.

Why do I need VIP if I can do this alone ?

You can absolutely do this alone in your own time. But with the VIP course we will have a start date and end date and you will be accountable to me and the wonderful group of like minded people. Sometimes when we buy online information and courses we drift through the information and don’t focus entirely on it or held ourselves accountable to anyone. By having the amazing community of Manifesting Abundance Masters, you will hear inspiring stories of how they upgraded their lives and you will have the support when you are going through any breakdown to breakthrough it will give you great courage and forsyth that money can’t buy. You will also get group coaching calls with me every week to support your growth and tweak out any scarcity, so that your life is enriched 10 fold.

The Manifesting Abundance course
Self Study
( Special Pricing ends 22nd November )

The Manifesting Abundance course
VIP Access

( Special Pricing ends 22nd November)



‘ Award winning author Christianne Wolff, offers some top tips in mindset.’ 

‘ Award-winning author, Christianne Wolff, teaches that the power of your mind is enormous and the same forces that imprison you, can also empower you.’ 

Its time for you to earn what you deserve, attract the right relationships, find a new family of like minded abundant manifesters and thrive in the body you know is rightfully yours. Let me show you the easy way so this can be yours for life.
The Manifesting Abundance course
Self Study
(Special Pricing ends 22nd November)

The Manifesting Abundance course
VIP Access

( Special Pricing ends 22nd November)



Jacky Carter
”I have really enjoyed doing this course, it has made me look at things in a different way, challenged and changed beliefs I had. It can be intense but you can complete at your own pace. Approach it with an open mind and enjoy the activities, you will have fun, as well as learning more about yourself and attracting abundance x”

Jacky Carter

”I have recently completed “The Manifesting Abundance Course” by
Christianne Wolff

And I have totally had my eyes opened and feel like I have come out of a long dark tunnel!

I already imagined myself to be pretty spiritual and present in life and able to turn seeming troubles into something positive.

However I was feeling very stuck in many aspects of my life…financial…relationship and work wise.

It was just a few days into this wonderful course when I was stunned to realise that I had been holding on to massive amounts of baggage from my marriage which had ended some 13 whole years ago!

Imagine the weight of carrying around 13 year old baggage!

Through Christianne’s strategies for cleansing our minds and healing and clearing out the old in order to finally have the space and clarity to examine what exactly it was that was keeping me from achieving my goals I have been able to move forwards massively in the space of a few short weeks.

I decluttered my home
I decluttered all my old business backlog of paperwork and did a huge business inventory.
I started to date again….something I had been afraid of for 4 years.
I embarked on The Body Rescue Plan for the second time in my life and have already lost another stone.

I congratulated my ex husband on his new engagement and forthcoming wedding. And I have plans to embark on a completely new journey by moving house to a totally different area.

The difference in how I now feel compared to a few months ago is totally amazing and bewildering that it could all happen so fast!

I feel ligher in body and spirit and my family and colleaagues are all
benefitting from my new lease of life.

Thank you so much Christianne!

I highly recommend this Manifesting Abundance Course to anybody who feels stuck in any kind of aspect of your life.”

Jacqui Tomlin




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