Living The Dream- and how you can too!

by Christianne
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We have finally done it- we are living the dream!
Life can be hard I know- but does it always have to be this way?

Its been a huge move for myself, my husband Robbie and my daughter Angelique- but we are all loving it- especially the beach lifestyle. The reason we wanted to move was to have more family time together, we all love the sea- so to be able to do water sports, live in a warmer climate and have an adventure.

And now we are currently traveling around Europe for 2 months, evening our 2 dogs are with us, whilst running an online biz!

How did we do it ?
If I’m 100% honest about what helped us get here, it was working on my MINDSET and getting a business MENTOR- that I was really in tune with, to help scale my business and achieve big things- so now we can travel anywhere.
It’s meant we have been able to move from a 3 bed semi in the UK to a 6 bed Villa with a pool, by the sea. Its meant my daughter can go to private school and that we don’t have to work 12-14 hrs a day any more. But more than that, it means we all feel calmer, happier and are living and loving our dream life.

Working on my mindset and the back end structure with my mentor James Wedmore has transformed my business and our lives. I knew I connected with him when he muttered the words ‘Hard work and Hustle are not the key ingredients to success’ whilst he ran off with his surf board into the sea- I thought, now that’s what I want! And here I am.

And that’s why I am SO EXCITED to announce a little something I have for you, that may help you for FREE.
That’s why I’m starting a FREE pop up Facebook group and my FREE 3 part video series I shot out here about how you can create a ‘Business by Design to a Freedom Lifestyle’

Just click the link below, we start on Monday! And its all FREE!

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