I’m breaking up with you!

by Christianne
in blog
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” We’ve been in a toxic relationship with each other for years now.
I remember the first time you caressed my lips, I was hooked.
I needed you so badly, and I wanted you more and more each day.
But, I know you aren’t good for me.
I have longed for you all day every day, and yet when I have you, I don’t feel good inside.
Its like you just don’t love me.
So, I am joining a group of supportive people just like me, to find a better relationship with something that loves me back.
With something that makes me feel good, all day every day, and helps me be happier outside and in.
Sugar…it’s over.
I want a clear, bright, positive future, and I can’t have that with you in my life.
Ps: I’ve met someone else, it’s The Body Rescue Sugar Free Challenge 😉

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