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Sugar Free

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DATE 26th June 9:30am-11am


Imagine making your favourite chocolate and ice-creams- SUGAR FREE!

The Body Rescue Chocolate & Ice-cream Workshop is a 90 minute LIVE online, interactive, fun cooking workshop where you make some incredible chocolate and ice-cream, ice-lollies, and gorgeous fudge chocolate sauce – all sugar free!


Do you feel like your relationship with SUGAR has been a bit like ground hog day ?
  • Maybe… You dream of being sugar free but can’t imagine life with out chocolate and ice-cream!
  • You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
  • You try to eat well but it’s like chocolate and ice-cream keep calling your name from the cupboard- it feels like you need that comfort right now- especially.


Even if you are starting to lose hope that things can change, I want you to know its possible to live a life with chocolate and ice-cream the healthy way!

  • You will learn to make…
  • *Mars Ice-Cream*
  • *Hot Fudge Sauce*
  • *Coconut, Mango & Lime Ice-Lolly*
  • *Strawberry Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream*
  • *Vanilla Ice-Cream Biscuit Sandwich*
  • You actually enjoy tasty treats without depriving yourself, while also strengthening your immune system.
  • You can eat chocolate and ice-cream without the addiction, guilt, bloating or weight gain.
With This Workshop You Will Get…


Ice-Cream Chocolate Workshop Manual

Get 6 Delicious Chocolate & Ice-Cream recipes and a shopping list in your digital manual for the Body Rescue Chocolate & Ice-Cream Workshop.


90 minutes Live Workshop

Have fun cooking live with celebrity trainer and award winning author Christianne Wolff. Cooking up chocolate feasts, all nutritious and delicious!

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Easy To Make

The whole family can enjoy making these simple treats..


Previous participants in this programme have experienced …
  • ” I would just like to thank you and your family for the workshop this morning, I made all 5 recipes! I had a ball and you made it so fun! Can’t wait for what ever your next workshops are going to be!” Jill Milne
  • ” Shop bought chocolate just tastes wrong now, I love love love making my own! ” Claire Sheffield
  • ” I have just made the Mars bar Ice-Cream recipe and my husband can’t believe it doesn’t have sugar it, its incredible! ” Anne Wright.

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