How to make your 2017 goals work!

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How to make your 2017 goals work!

1) Make a realistic goal, a fitness achievement like a triathlon, or 10k run, or losing weight for charity, or just simply improving your fitness for your health. If you design a goal you are more likely to be consistent.

2) Make time in your diary for your fitness and health dreams. This means setting aside time for your cooking or preparing of food, writing out a menu for the week, writing out what workouts you will do that week and slotting them in your diary at times you will not be disturbed and having your fitness regime as golden. I have a workout at 7am as I know this is the only time in the day I am not disturbed, my little girl wakes up around 7:45, so I put on a fitness dvd or do my own workout, downstairs, undisturbed. On Sunday I make some meals for the week, freeze some and the rest goes in the fridge, that way I know what I am going to eat for the week. If you have little time then have mini 10 minute workouts, research suggests that this is as good as 30 minutes if intense.

3) Visualize what you want to achieve. I always get my clients to focus on what they want their end results to be- so they may want to lose weight to look amazing, or feel more energised, or sexier, or be more alert, or be more confident or be able to accomplish a big fitness dream. What every the reason they come through that door is we work on visualizing it everyday, they wake up and see that ideal them and they go to sleep and see it. They look at the colours, what it smells like, what it feels like, even what it tastes like- when your brain visualizes something it doesn’t know if its real or not, so your body actually thinks its happening and there for you manifest it.

4) Surround yourself with positive people. Often I find clients have saboteurs in their life and when they start to achieve big things in fitness and health they have certain people around them that are not comfortable with them. Either raise those people up to your level and inspire them or find some new inspiring friends that want for your happiness.


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