How to make a Healthy Christmas Calendar

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I’ve had so much fun today making my 6 year olds daughter’s, Christmas Calendar.

I didn’t want her to have chocolate every morning for a month, at 6am. The chocolate is always cheap and nasty, and we have a few sugar days a week and a few non sugar days- so I decided to make her own.

It cost me just £20 for the calendar and all the goodies inside.

I got the calendar from a shop called the flying tiger, and the bits inside also from The flying tiger, Claires accessories, and some healthy chocolates from Holland and Barret.

I had so much fun looking for little goodies, Claires accessories had a special buy 3 things and get 3 things free- so a little went a long way.


Whats brilliant about this calendar is its very substantial, I didn’t have to wrap anything and its a great size to fit stuff in. I even fitted a whoopy cushion in there.

I also got some lovely santa chocolates, but just not every day.

One of the gifts was a gorgeous musical box that plays silent night as you turn the dial, it was only £1!

So if you fancy getting your loved one a healthy calendar, or want one yourself, why not opt out of having sugar everyday and get some healthy chocolate or sweets instead.

You could buy something like this box for £4, or get a cloth version, or make your own and hang presents off a few twigs sprayed with white paint.

Lots of love

Christianne xxx



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