How chocolate cake can improve your health

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Doesn’t my chocolate layered tiffin look amazing? Its sugar free! And tastes devine! Click here for the recipe 

This last week I have been seeing posts in my VIP and self study groups about how The Body Rescue Plan has improved peoples health and lives, dramatically, in just a few weeks.

Yes they all are losing weight, which is obviously fab, but I am far more interested in hearing how the overall health and wellness of someones life improves- and in so many ways.

In just 5 weeks on The Body Rescue Plan

Moira Renfrew has virtually rid her psorisis

Angie Wain has rid her rosacia

Annie A has got to the correct BMI so she can start her IVF treatment

and Rose Cox has managed to get her health back and lose 1 stone after having breast cancer. ( she hasn’t been able to lose weight for 20 years )

And we are note even half way through the 12 week plan.

And check out Jan who has dropped her cholesterol from 6.5 to 4.2 ! So amazing.

Now then, I am sharing this with you as I often get asked how can we eat high fat on TBRP, how can we eat loads of fruit and dried fruit and how does low refined sugar resolve these issues above?

The simple answer is sugar creates inflammation in the body and when your body is inflamed it will be the cause of a whole host of problems, and your body will also struggle reducing those problems whilst it is still fuelled by inflammatory foods.

My franchisees, who run The Body Rescue Slimming clubs over the UK have also reported back on their week too.

Mentor Sarah-Jane of  The Body Rescue Plan Beverley– Says, ” I’ve got a lady who has really dry and flaky skin on her face, who was dreading winter as thats when it gets really bad and cracks – but she’s been fine and is loving the plan for this, and feeling healthier”
She also said..
” My client Andy is on week 7 and lost 1.8st and his blood pressure has dropped and now at 125/75 from being long term (years) in the high range. He has so much energy now and no longer relies on coffee !”

and Mentor Sam from The Body Rescue Plan Christchurch says ”1 lady – In approx 8 weeks is clear of psoriasis from the scalp that had been there for 25 years.”

”2nd lady – Non return of extremely bad excema on the hands that usually appears every November that she covered with gloves.”

And Sam herself is migraine free for 9 months since she completed the Body Rescue Plan.

I have had 100’s of clients migrate from the usual weight watchers and slimming world plans, as sadly these clubs do not focus on the health of the body. Yes you may lose weight but will you

Reduce the inflammation?

Sleep better?

Have better focus?

Feel calmer?

and help with all the issues above?

My clients say no, those plans did none of that- why ?

Because the sugar is still high and the focus is on syns and points, which in effect is calories.

So why choose a low fat/ lowcalorie chocolate bar over some fruit or my home made chocolate bars as above?

Or why not have diet coke over a freshly made chocolate or fruit smoothie?

Which choice would make you feel better?

And which choice would lenghthen your life?

And which choice would improve your digestion?

And which choice would give you better skin?

And given the choice if the weight loss was even better on The Body Rescue Plan, and the food tasted better- why wouldn’t you choose it?

To help you with going sugar free here is one of my most favourite chocolate cakes EVER! Give it a go and notice it doesn’t make you feel bloated, you don’t crave tons more, your sleep won’t get affected and you won’t feel guilty eating it.

Have a great week


Christianne xxx

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