Ever wanted to write a book?

by Christianne
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Its been 4 years since I wrote my first book- and it was a long time coming.
We all have a book inside of us- and we all make up those excuses not to get started.
I procrastinated like everyone does
Not Enough Time
I’m not good enough
Everyone will judge me
But I can tell you since writing my first book, my whole life has changed!
Not only could I share my inner wisdom, my hearts desire, my calling to the world, I got into every national newspaper and over 100 magazines wrote about The Body Rescue Plan in many countries. I am on TV and Radio regularly and get asked to be the guest speaker at many events. And now my books sell over the whole world. Crazy!
They have also won 5 awards and become best sellers.
And this is from someone who failed everything at school except Art and Religion!
And not only have I left a legacy behind me, but my future is looking pretty bright too- We are moving to Portugal in September to live the beach life, as my books and memberships are my business now.
So, this has inspired me to put on a  FREE challenge to help you get your book and your inner calling out there too!
I am running a 5 day challenge starting tomorrow on ‘How to write a best seller’
Within 5 days you will understand how to connect with your audience and have the chapters of your book written!
So no more procrastinating, no more I don’t have time- this challenge is just 15-30minutes out of your day! And I will give you the kick up the bum needed every day in a private Facebook group with my live streams.
Christianne xx

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