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Happy new year to you.
I am going to talk to you quite frankly today.
We all want to achieve our dreams.
We all want a better life,
Every year we set new years resolutions in the hope that somehow that may improve our lives.
And most of us don’t stick to them for more than a few weeks.
So how can you make this year different?
How can you shift what is already happening and make it better?
Einstein has a famous quote saying
So if nothing changes in your life, but you don’t make any changes, how do you expect any changes to come in?
Even if you magically won the lottery, you still have to make the effort of going out and buying the ticket.
So first things first, how can you make a change in your routine to achieve your dreams?
There are three significant things I get my clients to do before any thing else when it comes to setting a goal.
1) How are you going to make it happen?
so what times slots go into your diary to make that goal be achieved?
What steps will you take? When will you take them? How will you take them? Who will you commit to to taking them?
2) What has held you back in the past and how will you make steps to not be held back in the future? 
3) What amazing things have you achieved this last year already? 
Number three is a really important one. Because, often we can be in a perpetual cycle of thinking our lives will be better if only we had more money, more time, more love, more material things, more holidays, more friends and a better body.
But when we reflect on what has already made us happy, and what we already have it can give us a really good starting point to give us the ability to feeling happy and grateful every day. If you say to yourself ”I will only be happy at the end of my goal and not during it” chances are you will never be happy, and then your likelihood of achieving that goal is far less as you are not happy on the road to get there. And then the only way to make yourself feel happy is to stop, or go back to the junk that gives you a quick high.
The journey is the exciting part!
So this Sunday before writing your goals for 2016, why not write down all the happiness you received in 2015 already and how that can continue and grow.
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