Beach Body Ready!

by Christianne
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Have you come back from an amazing trip away with post holiday blues, and a bloated belly full of ice cream, chips and cocktails?

Then I have just the solution for you to get your body back on track so that you can strut your stuff with your newly adorned sun tan, without shying away in baggy, frumpy clothes.

One of the reasons we generally gain a few pounds each year is because of weight gain on holiday, so the quicker you lose it the less likely the fat will sit and grow over the years.

Start with a mini detox

Eliminate booze, sugar and carbs for at least 3-7 days to allow your body a rest from the toxicicity you have injected.

Add a workout

A fat burning week of exercise is in order here, so do the following to get your mind, body and soul back on track.

Alternate the following workouts

Intensive workout – 20 seconds walk and 30 seconds sprint for a total of 20 minutes.
Cardio workout – can be cycling, running, cross trainer, stepper, rower, for 30 minutes.

And on the weekend…

Yoga – Find a yoga class in your area or follow a DVD. Yoga is proven to help your body eliminate toxins.

Meditate- Find a quiet place and allow your mind to think loving thoughts to your body for at least 10 minutes. The more love you allow your body, the more you will attract your dream body.

Look in the mirror every morning naked, and say “I love my body!” 20 times! Pull your stomach in as if you are doing up a tight belt 100 times a day.

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