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Business by design to a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE
3 phases to structuring the business and lifestyle you want

Do you need more structure in your business?
I have had the dream of becoming an online business success for years- so we can move by sea in Portugal, but what was really holding me back was my business structure ( the un-sexy back end stuff ) and what was lacking in my mindset was the thought that all that stuff was too hard!

Next week I will be sending out my 3 part video series starting Monday so I can show you how I was able to turn my business around in just a few months- and how I will help you for FREE in my private facebook group where my lovely Mentor James Wedmore will also be sharing his wisdom.

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We will MENTOR YOU to new levels in your BUSINESS and MINDSET including:
  • My 3 part video series on how I got here and how you can too.
  • Exclusive FB live trainings
  • Interviews with my personal mentor James Wedmore
  • A private community to get support and feed back.
  • And some free video training from James
This is not just some group with daily prompts and feel good fluff- my aim is to create a supportive place for your MINDSET and STRUCTURE to grow with mentorship.

Two things that I feel are vital for success in your business.
So if you want to learn more from myself, my mentor and my experiences...
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See you in the group for a few weeks of fun and wisdom!
BRP Rachel
''Brilliant live stream Christianne. Came away very inspired and full of great energy. And more ideas!
I also loved the meditation.
I'm really looking forward to the structure videos I'm positive these will really help me and techy ones which will help us move forward!!
Thank you for sessions"

Rachel Maxwell, Equine Therapist
BRP Hayley
'' I’ve just been catching up again. So much good info and advice in all these vids and lives. I find your style or vibe real, honest and relatable !''

Hayley Jarvis, Vegan Vibes
BRP Vikki
''I've learnt so much from Christianne from this video series to improve my business, I am so inspired-thank you! '''

Vikki Ede