5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

by Christianne
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With all the talk about the Corona Virus, I wanted to share 5 top tips on how you can get your immune system stronger to help fight this virus or any other bug.


(Hint..Panic and buying gallons of loo roll are not on the list! )


  1. Lowering sugar in your diet can dramatically lower inflammation, which can be the cause or exasperate disease- half the processed sugar you have, or even quit!
  2. Sleep is really important for an awesome immune system- ( sugar and caffeine can cause bad sleep ) Go to bed an hour earlier, get off the screen 1.5 hrs before bed and create a beautiful environment to fall asleep in. Get plenty of day light too- that improves sleep!
  3. Lower your stress levels! Sugar, Caffeine and Lack of sleep will make your stress levels worse, but what can also help is eating foods that balance your moods. Getting plenty of fruit and vegetablesinto your diet will significantly reduce stress.
  4. Digestion-Your stomach is┬áthe central hub of good and bad bacteria and where you absorb┬ánutrients into your system. Add more ‘live’ foods into your diet like live yogurt, kefir, Kombucha, Sour Krout to add millions more good bacteria into your gut.
  5. Nutrients into your body will boost your bodies natural ability to have a fighting fit immune system. Anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals are all vital. Have more vitamin C ( orange and kiwi are good sources ) lashings of green veg, more fresh herbs, ginger and garlic.


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