Body Rescue 3 Day Menopausal Plan


Imagine NEVER having to battle your menopausal symptoms again!


The Body Rescue 3 Day Menopausal Plan is a 3 day Body makeover, so you can take back your power ( even when nothing else has worked )


Do you feel like menopausal side effects are unavoidable and you have no control over them? Maybe…

You have hot sweats and bad night sleep

Your joints ache

You’re tired of opening the wardrobe and feeling like nothing fits

You feel moody and hopeless

You try to eat well but it’s like chocolate and biscuits keep calling your name from the cupboard- it feels like you need that comfort right now- especially.

What do others think? 

” I feel like Christianne Wolff has given me a key that has unlocked a box I’ve been trying to open for many years, with hormone in-balance, hot flushes, bloating, constipation, insomnia etc.. 

In 4 weeks I’m 9lb lighter, no hot flushes or constipation and sleeping like a baby, flawless complexion and so much more. So now I have the key and the box is open it’s never being locked again. Thank you Christianne xx ”

Jo Dalton

Even if you are starting to lose hope that things can change, I want you to know it is possible with the right approach.

You can feel free, love your body and have boundless energy!

You can enjoy tasty treats without depriving yourself, while boosting your digestion and ridding the bloat!

You can ditch the hot flushes and those pesky extra pounds ( no more yoyo-ing )

? The way to get there is to follow …

The Body Rescue 3 Day Menopausal Plan

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” I’m 56 and have been in menopause since last October, I must have had at least 5 hot flushes a day, but since doing this plan I have only had 3 hot flushes in two weeks x ”

Diane Crowther

With This Digital book You Will Get…

43 page colour digital book.

Showing you the exact foods you need to stop menopausal symptoms and the exact foods you need to avoid, to stop menopausal symptoms.


Written by Christianne Wolff 


Your award winning, best selling author. So you can rid nasty symptoms of menopause like hot sweats, pain in your joints, bad sleep, poor digestion and more..

Delicious, award winning recipes! 


In the book and on videos. That are simple to make and packed full of vital nutrients you need to go symptom free.

You also get a 3 Day meal planner!

There are gluten free and vegan recipes too!

Previous participants in this programme have experienced …

? Better mood
? Better nails
? Raised libido
? Younger skin
? Improved sleep
? Improved energy
? Less joint pain
? Rid their sugar cravings
? Reduced  bloat
? Rid hot sweats
? Less dryness 
? Slimmer
And more…

…YES! They have actually noticed an improvement in just a few days.

Hi, I’m Christianne, I’m a multi award winning, best selling author of 7 books in The Body Rescue Plan series, with over 26 years experience and qualifications in weight loss and well being.

You will also see me regularly on the telly, and in magazines and papers sharing my gifts 🙂

My absolute passion is helping you heal, through easy delicious recipes, meditation, yoga and exercise.

Born and bred in the UK, but currently live in beautiful Portugal with my daughter Angelique, husband Robbie and 2 rescue dogs Bula and Pablo.

Are you ready ?

Yes I am ready to rid those symptoms and cravings for good, for only a £1! …

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