3 Secrets to Manifesting Your Dream Life

by Christianne
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Manifesting can come in all shapes and sizes.
Somehow we manifested Pablo, a street dog from Lisbon who found a home near us, but whose owners abandoned him.

He looks so like our dog Bula, and they play so happily together. I’ve never seen Bula play with a dog before, he would get very defensive of his food usually with other dogs but with Pablo he’s welcomed him with open arms.

Pablo followed me 3 miles home one day and refused to leave.

It’s so fun to manifest what you focus on, but sometimes you get some surprises, and with Pablo he is a little dream.

Do you want to manifest even when you are not even thinking about it?

Come and join me on my 3 secrets to manifesting your dream life.

It’s all FREE and LIVE



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